Aitheon: Let Robotics and A.I Do Your Jobs!


It has been decades that the development of technology changes the world a lot. Cyber technology changes how this world is run. Some years ago, we were dazzled with rapid growth of online marketing. The appearance of bitcoin, crypto currency, and blockchain has changed the way people build and run their business. And now, the technology of robotics and A.I has shown promising development that will also simplify our world. Aitheon will provide you with the best digital ecosystem that can make your life simpler through robotics, human symbiosis, and A.I. Figure out more about this Aitheon in this article.

What to Know about Aitheon Company

Aitheon is company which lays its trust on the benefits of advanced technology for human life. The company vision is far beyond current people’s thoughts. For now, people involve in business process in which they have to move from their capability to entirely participate the activity to run their business. This is called as back – end business. This kind of management really takes a lot of time to conduct. This is also quite complicated and you will be asked to have capability to do multiple tasks to achieve your desired results.

The Aitheon comes to you to change this all. By using the company service, it will be possible for you to do your tasks with the help of robotics and A.I. The company’s specialization is integrating robotic, human symbiosis and A.I with your business so all can be done automatically through an integrated system. This will simplify your jobs and you will get better results because of it. This also makes it possible for you to use a single access point to do different tasks completely without you have to use owner input. Doing your jobs with using the of the company’s services will safe your times.

What Aitheon Offers to You

Aitheon creates digital ecosystem to make your world simpler. There are some interesting things offered to you by the company.

  1. Mechbots and Device
    All the electronic devices and robotics produced by Aitheon are integrated with the company’s ecosystem. It makes it possible for the customers to maximize productivity, do different tasks, lower risks, and improve reliability by using the company’s products.
  1. Digibots
    Digibots are the next product offered to you. The products will enable you to automate all your jobs. This will help you to save your time and energy in completing your tasks.
  1. The Company’s Specialist
    Aitheon uses the service of professionals who work from remote place. The Aitheon’s network system enables the company’s specialists to help you do your task form distance. All the professionals work for the company are anonymous so your data will remain secret. Their works are 99.99% accurate.
  1. The Company Creators Program
    By using the Aitheon’s services, you will be able to create new Mechbots, Digibots, and the other devices in simpler and easier ways. This also makes you possible to develop your own products without any difficulties. The Aitheon will really simplify your life.


This project will create a Token named Aitheon Token (AIC). The total supply of Aitheon tokens is 3.5 billion tokens, much of which willl be in the mining pool (~68.67%). Hard Cap for ICO: 250,000,000 Tokens ($61,250,000 to $87,500,000 USD based on edge cases of variable discount) with Pre-sale going on now (until 1/31/18) at 50% discount. tokens that will circulate at the end of the ICO up to 335 million tokens and will be circulated by the end of the ICO.


Max Tokens (AIC)

Cost Per token

Max USD raised



$0.175 USD




$0.245 to $0.35 USD

$61,250,000 to $87,500,000

Referrals/Bounty Program




Max Totals:



$70,000,000 to $96,250,000



Andrew Archer – Creator / CEO

Ryan Burleson – Chief Strategy officer

Sergei – Head of Web Application Team

Alexey – Head of Blockchain Systems Team

Mark Schwartz – Technology Attorney

Rachel Wang – Executive Assistant

Ramzie Shams – Creative Director

Erica Harvitt – Director of Brand

Alison Bright – Marketing


Moe Levin – Advisor

Cyrus Hodes – Advisor

Peter Dray – Advisor

Elky Bachtiar – Advisor

Xavier Rosseel – Community Admin

Tariq Ibrahim – Business Beta Tester and Evangelist

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