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The online art industry has been exploding at the rate of more than 20-percent on an annual basis. With the latest surge in blockchain technology, Online Art takes advantage of the technology to streamline businesses and eliminate problems. When it come to the art industry, problems surrounding corruption and counterfeit seems to be rampant and affecting the its business sector.

Now with the OPEN BETA operation, artists and art collectors are able to do business without needing an assistance from a third party. When it comes to the business sector, in a decentralized environment, third party such as middle man is not only necessary but also required. The role of middle man may significantly help art collectors and artists. But more often, it only exposes them to more fraud.

Understanding the fundamental of the platform

The core fundamentals of this unique All Public Art platform focus on the privacy of artists and art collectors. Most of the time, both parties are concerned about interacting with one another for a myriad of different reasons. Art collectors are wary about the aunthenticity of the artwork, whereas artists are rarely equipped with business skills.

Both art collectors and artists are at risk of being taken advantage of due to their lack of few capabilities. This gives way to third parties to offer help for a fee. The All Public Art provides a safe and secure platform for art collectors to interact with artists without worries. This requirement may seem troublesome to a few people. Combined with the blockchain smart contract, as the technology that backs up the platform, the platform provides transparency. Allowing for transparent and sustainable interaction.

The All Public Art platform’s currency token serves as its only payment method in the environment. Tokens are used when you decide on purchasing your favorite artwork. Not only that, you may also use the token for tips and donations. That way, you will be able to show your appreciation to your favorite artists using these two features.

About All Public Art Token Sale

There are so many great and beneficial effects that come with this unique All Public Art platform. Not only does the platform offer incredible security protection for art collectors and buyers alike. The platform also, at the same time, manages to offer the same level of security to artists. This is undoubtedly a refreshing change seeing as similar platforms typically only focus on the buyer side of the spectrum.

Every transaction between buyers and artists are guaranteed protection. Funds will remain in the All Public Art’s escrow account. The cryptocoin fund will be held until buyer has received the artwork and verified of its authenticity. Once it’s clear they have received the items they have paid for, All Public Art will then resume the process and make the fund available for the artist.

This streamlined yet simplified transaction process is all recorded and stashed in the blockchain to ensure transparency. As much as 400,000,000-million APA Tokens will be offered in its ICO. This pre-sale of alternative to bitcoin will be held shortly. Those who would like to invest in the platform and reap profits may head over to its official website for the Pre-Sale.

Token Pre-Sale Phase

The pre-sales phase will take place from February, 12, 2018 to February, 18, 2018. The purpose of this phase is to build a token sales momentum in no time, and to encourage initial investment.

Minimum Contribution


$15 worth of ETH minimum for Artists 25%
$10.5k worth of ETH 25%
$30k worth of ETH 30%
$150k worth of ETH 35%
$300k worth of ETH 40%

Token Sale Phase

 The token sale phase will run from February 19, 2018 to March 19, 2018. Early participants will receive bonus tokens to reward them for joining earlier. The sooner you join, the greater the bonus that will be given to you



1st (First) Week 20%
2nd (Second) Week 15%
3rd (Third) Week 10%
4th (Fourth) Week 0%

Team & Advisors

Member Team

Graham Goddard – Founder | CEO

Gustavo Guimarães – Blockchain and Smart Contracts Engineer

Sabyasachi Saha – CTO | Software Engineer

Rishan Bhagowat – Market Maker | Token Sale Architect

Tineke Zwart – Public Relations

Alisha Bhagowat – Token Sale Operations Manager

Michael Slater – Public Relations

Justin Wu – Growth Marketer

Alaina Simone – Curator at Large


Brad Bulent Yasar – Blockchain Investors Consortium (BIC)

Kent Twitchell – Visual Artist

Gregory Rocco – InvestFeed | Augmate

James P. Jalil – Thompson Hine LLP

Cassandra W. Borchers – Thompson Hine LLP

 Chad Anderson  – MT Digital Assets

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