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StealthCrypto predict the radically decentralized getting highly connected to the world. It means that the global society will fundamentally change your efficiency, reach and cost which is also opening new opportunities for those who prepare it.

What is StealthCrypto?

We might know that Quantum Cyber Security is a new era of communication and now they are developing the largest decentralized, self-sustainable, incentivized and network of quantum mesh based on this blockchain technology. Of course, they use Dynamic Split GeoDistribution, end to end Dynamic Split Encryption, quantum authentication and distribution. They also provide you with Quantum Secure Cryptography for best data protection, communication, IoT, banking system and more. Then their team will create an ecosystem which is called Quantum Secure Digital Identity that more superior than currently ID systems, more private, completely secure and available on your demand.

You should know that development team from StealthCrypto and Stealth Grid proudly shows you with more unique market knowledge and technical expertise as well. Along with 2/3 of employees who were working in the R&D, including of some well-known cryptographers and security experts. So, StealthCrypto has great experience and proficiency to protect your data by using decentralized blockchain security that helps you to protect against many emerging challenges in the expanding threat scope. So, they actually provide you with high performance network for long-term protection. Even StealthCrypto create cloud storage, communication secure and IoT. This is so useful for currency as well.

Why using StealthCrypto?

The first thing is provide you with best Quantum Cyber Security Solutions. Launched a product for blockchain peer to peer communication including of cloud storage,, file sharing, video conference, IM, authentication and more useful things that you need most. It can protect your cryptocurrency by using best blockchain technology.

As mentioned before that there is meshed peer-to-peer cloud storage which carry out end to end dynamic split encryption. Even they also launched Stealthcyrpto phone as well. Then the Qubit Blockchain can be used in Stealth Grid Technologies, Quantum Mesh Network and StealthCrypto. So, this is completely secured.

Shortly, StealthCrypto provides you with blockchain technology for better privacy. With better secure blockhain solution, you are able to use multi-layer approach, Dynamic GeoDistribution and dynamic split encryption that removing the setup. StealthCrypto can be higher into the demand levels for massive characteristic of IoT and blockchain will protect much devices and easier transaction as well. all of the cryptocurrencies also depending on ECDSA (Elliptic Curve Public-Key Cryptography) to generate the digital signatures that allow your transaction been verified securely.

As we know that there are most commonly used signatures, they are DSA, ECDSA and RSA. All of those schemes might more vulnerable to the quantum computing attack. Then they are developing Qubit Blockchain to provide you with transaction speeds that is also untouchable by other blockchains as well. There is also a ecosystem that provide you with quantum secure blockchainn dor cloud storage, email, data protection, video conference, instant messaging, Smartphone and that all available on Qubit Blockhain. If you get to know more and how about to apply, then you can visit its official website.




Larry Castro – Chief Executive Officer
William Eilers – Executive Vice President and General Counsel
Jorge Andres Ramos Equinoa – Development Team, Project Leader/Software Architect
James Scott – Development Team, Security Architect
Randy Hest – Development Team, Security Architect
Daniel Saavedra – UI and Design Team, Project Leader / Creative Director
Carlos Costantini – UI and Design Team, Graphic Designer
Gurminder Singh Khalsa – Advisory Board & QUBIT Blockchain Development
Darren McVean – MVP Asia Pacific Inc. Chief Executive Officer
Robin Pinzon – MVP Asia Pacific Inc. Project Manager, Software&Web Dept.
Jay Turla – MVP Asia Pacific Inc. Lead Engineer & Smart Contract Specialist
Sheryll Manguerra – MVP Asia Pacific Inc. Operations Manager

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