Biwtwatt: Platform for Transparent Energy Trading on Blockchain Technology


As we know that un-renewable energy is the source of power in this planet. Human had been used any sources for energy even since ancient times. Then, coal-fired power plant also becomes one of the most common power forms in many states. There are many developed countries had been used this traditional method and this is a right time for them to put an end for these methods and looking for better solution. There are solar power, nuclear and other powers are just few of popular newerable sources which being used by many countries in this planet.

Even there are many organizations and countries had been realized the importance of clean energy resources that is so necessary for green planet as well. There are several common challenges of energy system, they are lack of transparency, high charges of electricity and more. No wonder that there are many countries start to develop the use of clean energy.

Solution for customers

Then Bittwatt comes and offer you with smart platform which been built on smart contract for smart clients as well. They were designing a ecosystem where every stakeholder also has equal power as well. It provides an opportunity to the customers for transferring between different services providers easier also become one of the main mission of its platform. Creating an energy trading market for many customers, traders and producers which are all based on blockchain technology as one of the most important feature in this platform as well. So, you can use bitcoin, or other cryptocurrencies as well.

Lowering the cost for consumers so they are also able to use this renewable energy effectively is also main mission of this mission. Then they will build decentralized energy trading market in order to make competition among the producers which bring automatically bring benefits to the customers. They also provide smart contracts which based on agreement between diverse stakeholders in this platform can help to increase the market adoption in this Blockchain technology. Bittwatt tokens as the heart of platform that also works as the value exchange in different services.

Bittwatt Platform

Bittwatt is the platform which connection all of the market players and provide customers with standardized blockchain in order to share business information while they are creating the decentralized service for billing, balancing, of course energy supply as well.

This Bittwatt platform is made in order to create without facing any useless bureaucracy by syncing the metric consumption and other information on the blockchain. Then, Bittwatt will remove transfer fees and operational cost with all of the automatic workflow which is also optimizing energy transferring based on hourly basis. For more information about whitepaper, you can directly visit its official site.


We all know that non-renewable power sources become one of main contributor for power generation in this planet. However there are many countries developed the solution for next generation in the scope of power need. The only thing which can make they consider the value of customer is about the power of technology and this is a right time to coordinate, integrate and apply this blockchain technology.



Team & Advisors


  • Cristian Hagmann – General manager & Co-founder
  • Daniela Cristina Stoicescu – CEO & Co- founder
  • Tudor Stomff – ICO Manager
  • Alexandru Ioana – Content Manager / Creative
  • Cristina Maria Banu – Marketing Specialist
  • Adrian Asevoaia – Project Manager
  • Marius Posa – Business Developer for East Europe
  • Iulian Bobes – Research and Development Officer


  • Dan Cearnău – Advisor
  • Ioana Frîncu – Advisor
  • Andrei Popescu – Co-Founder of COSS.IO and Seasoned Blockchain Tech Start-Ups Investor/Advisor
  • Rune Evensen – Rune is the project’s champion directing and supporting the team.
  • Cristopher Bridges – Legal Advisor
  • Ionut Scripcariu – Co-Founder at CardBlue – first independent prepaid card issued in Romania
  • Martin Ermenkov – Country Partner Serbia
  • Hristo Yanutsev – Country Partner Bulgaria
  • Natasa Dogramadzieva-Maneva – Country Partner Macedonia
  • Olosz Szabolocs – Country Partner Hungary

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