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Payment systems have evolved rapidly since Bitcoin was introduced to the public. Initially gained mixed reactions, it has since transformed into a driving force. Not only individuals are trying to adopt the concept, businesses are competing with each other to be the first one to incorporate the technology. The changes of such magnitude force the nation to adapt. While cities are quick to adopt the cryptocurrency as a form of e-payment, not every city does that. And they may be at disadvantage.

Singapore is one of the first nations in the Southeast Asia region that have the biggest chance to become a Smart Nation. Although relatively smaller than its neighboring countries, Singapore has everything that fits the bill. With all the right ‘ingredients’ that the country is blessed with, it’s surprising the country has yet to pursue this opportunity. As it’s pointed out by Prime Minister Loong, the issue lies in uneven development.

However, in the recent years, the nation has been united towards one goal. The mission is to pus towards electronic payments, making it available in every corner of the country. This unified push undoubtedly gives so many new opportunities for payment system services. More so the ones that integrate new trends and technologies such as the crypto currency. With new technology, there is a bigger chance of the system offering unique and sophisticated proposition.

Cryptocurrencies in the nation

Singapore has always been popular for its fintech-friendly environment. Not only that, the nation also offers such accommodative stand towards cryptocurrencies combined with grants from the government. Said accommodative approach can be seen in its security laws and compliance. It’s no wonder a large number of fintech firms see the country as an incredibly attractive cryptocurrency hub.

Perhaps one of the most attractive aspect is the cryptocurrency community. Not only is the community active in anything related to this emerging market, it’s also quite eager in following services related to blockchain technologies. The fact that the market is still far from mature does not dampen public animosity. There presents an opportunity to create, normalize, and even dominate unique selling proposition for a large variety of products.


The role of Blockchain Capital in the newly emerging market

The current focal point of providing payment solution in the form of Point-Of-Sale systems to merchants throughout the nation creates a market of its own. Blockhain Capital Pte. Ltd. is aware of the number of POS systems available in the market somewhat confuse the customers. For that reason the company comes up with merchant integration that provides consumers with the ability to use their own wallet platform in the same application.

This type of integration undoubtedly requires QR Codes. Blockhain Capital Pte. Ltd along with its traditional firm and technological innovator partners launches SGPay and its tokens to cater to the needs of the market. The ERC20 compatible tokens provide users with lower transaction fees for for cryptocurrencies sales and purchases. Abour 2-million tokens will be released 0.40-dollar each starting February 1st, visit to find out how to get your cryptocoin.

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