CashBag: Earn Your Cash Back with It

Get bored with the traditional system of cash back? It might be the right time for you to join in CashBag. Unlike the other token sale you might find on internet, this CahBag is really beneficial and trustful. This is the best place to go if you want to earn more cash back as well as secure your discount on your shopping online transactions. Get to know more about CashBag and what benefits you can get from it in this article.

About CashBag

In conventional cash back model, it really takes high costs and much time to accomplish the saving process. To provide you with more practical process and shorter time of processing, CashBag creates specific settlement engine which functions to interface with blockchain of Eretheum. In doing it, the company provides instant settlement platform which does not only function to cut the company’s costs but also makes it possible for it to set up micro – payments. The instant settlement platform also enables the company to keep holding immutable record. CashBag helps to increase the consciousness of the shoppers to collect more cash back in the form of bitcoin, digital currency and cryptocoin as well as securing the discounts they get from every online transaction. The instant settlement platform offered can be used by business, active online shoppers, and also everyone who are eagerly to saving while doing online shopping transactions. This company launches Desktops Helper App and Android Application which can be easily installed both on desktop and mobile phone. This makes it possible for you to access the application from anywhere and whenever it is possible for you. Once you install the applications on your device, they will instantly send you alert telling you that you have to saving when you are in online shopping activities. In case of token use, there will be some end – user applications and commercial. The choosing of the application will rely on the customer’s requirements. You can use the token to redeem services or transmit and store value within the CashBag system. The company plans to launch campaigns about multi – market marketing which is established around the CashBag Token or CBC. This campaign is aimed to increase awareness about the company and its token value.

What CashBag Offers to You

CashBag offers many things to you. The company offers you with more than 150 active advertisers and over 685 are queuing to join in the integration. The company’s token sale is such a good chance for new participants to take part in redeemable token crowdsale. There will be guarantee for the redemption value advertised. Once the initial token issue is completely distributed to those who are taking part in the system, there will be no more token will be made. After that CashBag will purchase the tokens back and they will be given to the clients as incentive rewards. Incentive ratio of 10:1 will be used by the company to pay the clients’ incentives. How the company can get the fund to pay the incentives? Well, the incentives will be paid by using the profits and bought on the open market.

Token Issue information

We will issue a total of 367,000,000 tokens. A maximum of 120,000,000 will be sold at 1 ETH:6000 tokens.


The Team

  • Jonathan Miller – Co-Founder / CEO
  • Kirsty Henderson – Co-Founder / Business Lead
  • Eugene Benade – Co-CTO / Software Development
  • Nicolaas Venter – Co-CTO / Systems Engineering & Software Development
  • Jonathan Meanwell – CMO / Business Development & Advertiser Sales
  • Divan Bower – User Communication & messaging
  • Maggie Benson – User Experience & Front end design
  • Ryan MacGeoghan – Analytics and Data Science
  • Marc Kenigsberg – External Advisor
  • Boyan Josic – External Advisor

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