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You should know that there is essential demand when making smart contacts, although only few were using this service which been made available. Even, almost of executives believe that there is a value in this smart contract on the blockchain and while they might feel happy using this smart contract service.

DocTailor had been developed to provide organizations and individuals in around the world with an opportunity that they need. They sending and making this tailor-made of smart contacts, this is also including of all the agreements on the Blockchain as well. The main goal of this platform is providing new breath in this industry and can be gained that allows diverse non-crypto business in order to start this powerful blockchain technology. At the same time, all of the crypto business was intended to be seen in the short period.

So, you might admit that this project is necessary because of users can get a right to apply wider options with the help of smart contract. This thing would be a completely new ecosystem to show you with several possible variants that been made by the result of progression results. Of course, they can be implemented in several industries as well.

How are DOCT tokens used in this platform?

DOCT tokens provide the users access to make a smart legal document in this DocTailor platform. Each token provide the users with the “DocTime: that can be used to make agreements, contracts and using for more than 100 different industries. Each token that be used in platform will add extra time to the users. Then token users were awarded with some bonuses, such as: access to the exclusive smart document plus with free time feature as well.

Benefit of DocTailor

Selection of Clause, the users can choose unlimited database of formulated clauses which been created by legal profesional from different industries.

The document structuring

Contracts, agreements and legal documents will require tailor made structuring that can be made in shorter time depending of needed document.

Combining clauses

Then the selected clauses could be combined into available document templates in order to change and make agreements, tailor-made contracts and documents.

The blockchain

All of your document templates and structures were been checked before uploaded into platform users Then, the templates were held on the blockchain to keep transparency and clarity as well. This is so useful in the currency

Document Management

All of contracts, documents and agreements will be created by platform users which can be managed and stored online as well.

Authentication and Signing

This platform allows the users to monitor the receiver participations where your agreement, document and contract require the digital or electronic signature, even other forms of authorization.

Make your smart contracts

The users will be provided with automatic solution to facilitate your agreement, contract or negotiation. Based on those benefits of DocTailor, this is obvious that platform has essential features, and most important is the unique selling point in order to reach its aim from existing smart contract landscape. This platform is focusing on user experience that makes this DocTailor as one of most viable candidates for existing contract systems.



Team And Advisors


  • Sam Enrico Williams – Founder and CEO
  • Dominic Brown – COO
  • Alexandrine Masse – Senior Legal Officer
  • Saffron Weale – CMO
  • Marco Zaratta – Italian Legal Counsel
  • Pavel Rubin – Blockchain & Software Developer
  • Victor Khomiak – Front-End Developer
  • Khaja Aleemuddin – Data Management


  • Chadwick Palmatier – Certified Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Professional
  • Petro Levchenko – Cryptocurrency Advisor
  • Krystelle Galano – Crypto Marketing Advisor – Asia
  • Abhijith Naraparaju – Blockchain Solution Architect
  • Sash Jeetun – Research and development Analyst
  • Marco Mengele – Blockchain Compliance Executive
  • David Drake – ICO Adviser
  • Vladimir Nikitin – Legal Advisor – Russia
  • Michael Buchbinder – Crypto Exchanges & Liquidity
  • James Sowers – Advisor & Crypto Expert

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