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European Crypto Bank (ECB) is now offering the easy way on making money on cryptocurrency market. It uses secure trading and Exchange Platform. Thus, the domestic internal revenue service will be taken care well and safely. On the other hand, the process of converting cryptocurrencies to all traditional assets with no risk will be possible as well.

Background of problem

In this modern day, the use of digital currency such as cryptocoin in digital economic trading is common. However, there is common problem following as well, it us to convert the crypto portfolios into traditional assets. On the other hand, the bank system is not so friendly with the crypto eco sphere, which make this problem even harder to solve.

As the use of bitcoin or crypto  grow more interest from day to day, the Market will also get vast evolution. It will be difficult to have stable navigation for an Entry Level User then. Some of the hard works are figuring out how it works, defining the high quality service from the bottom, as well as taking advantages from the opportunities.

For that reason, ECB comes with KYC and AML. Those are certain software, which can offer a secure platform of multilingual exchange trading. The work those software is well proved. It already used for  around 9 years for the Wealth Management Business to offer Tax Reporting to the National Domestic Tax Revenue Service. It used widely in France, Germany as well as Italy.

The services people can enjoy

This bank provide many services to enjoy. Some of the, are the trading exchange and leveraged services of both cryptocurrencies and FIAT. It also provide financial and advices analysis on the matter of cryptocurrencies (special analyst from the team are responsible for it). This bank also offers I.A. and Human Tax Advisories. On the other hand, robot advisors, which can understand human well and give immediate response will also included in the offer. This robot technology can give best efficient work, which is also accompanied by suitable attitude and emotion.

The goal of EBC

This bank aimed to begin a change within the Market. It is to make wide range non technical customers able in take advantage from some opportunities offered by cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. The financial and cryptocurrency analyst offered by this bank also hoped to determine high reliable quality level of Tax Reporting and Tax Advisor.

Besides that, EBC also aimed to train new investors with all the things they need to know about cryptocurrency markets. The further goal is to be accomplished by ECB through its top line products. In the next 2019, this bank is going to implement new service of the Robot Advisors. It will take the anticipation of emotional state of the customer into further development by using data collected from Cobalt, which already done in France since 2009.

Thus, the soft launch is aimed to test the early version of the marketplace. It also involved other features within the system of EBC. In accordance with the predefined strategy, EBC will take the development into deeper stage.



Team & Advisors


  • Olivier FORGUES – President (UK)
  • Mikaël MISARD – Head of Development (FRANCE)
  • Sandrine FAVRE – Head of Operations (FRANCE)
  • Matthew CLARK – Head of Web Design and Digital Marketing (UK)
  • Cyprian KOWALCZYK – Chief Technical Officer and Blockchain Specialist (POLAND)
  • Philippe CHARRIERE – Head of Swiss Business Development (Switzerland)
  • Mariam COULIBALY – Social Network Specialist (FRANCE)
  • Suvi RINKINEN – European Digital Marketing and Communication Manager(UK)
  • Igor PODZIGUN – Head of International Business Development (Russia)


  • Benoît PINGUET – SEO-SEM WEB UX & UI Analyst (FRANCE)
  • Moe SKIFATI – Cartoonist (UK)
  • Isabella CUGUSI – Professor in Tax Law, Tax Lawyer (ITALY)
  • Aldo NATRELLA – Consultant and Linguist (ITALY)
  • Marianne TORDEUX – Tax Lawyer (FRANCE)
  • Stéphane VOINSON – Psychologist and Psychotherapist (FRANCE)
  • Louis-Alexandre ROUX – Communication Manager (FRANCE)
  • Dunny MOONESAWMY – Analysis and Financial Research (FRANCE)
  • Christian ANGELLA – IT Development (FRANCE)
  • Jean-Louis DE MONTESQUIOU – Founder and EX-CEO of UB FRANCE SA (FRANCE)
  • D. Silva FISCHER – Mathematician (GERMANY)
  • Fahad ALWI – Computer Science and Mathematics (UK)
  • Romain DREYFUS – Instant Payments on the Blockchain (France)
  • D. Laurence DEVILLERS – Researcher in CNRS, Professor at LA SORBONNE (FRANCE)
  • Efren NEYPES – Community Manager for Asia (Philippines)
  • Liu WILLOW – Community Manager for China (China)
  • Igor SUKHANOV – Community Manager for Eastern Europe and Russia (Ukraine)

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