DataBroker DAO: The First Marketplace to Sell and Buy Sensor Data


Sensor data is an essential tool to monitor and optimize many companies’ operation. There is one marketplace which you can buy and sell sensor data.

About DataBroker DAO

Nowadays, many companies take benefits of sensor data to monitor and optimize their operations. The end result of it is a single landscape of data purpose. With DataBroker DAO, it drives the data to be easier to access to organizations, cities, and entrepreneurs with their slogan which is “smart living”. It also makes the data price much more affordable using cryptocoin or Bitcoin.

DataBroker DAO is the very first marketplace which people can buy and sell sensor data. It is a decentralized marketplace for sensor data of IoT that uses technology of Blockchain. It enables owners of sensor to turn the data into streams of revenue. It can make great chances for many kinds of industries with more effective data to be used.

DataBrokerDAO · Global market for local data

  1. The challenge
    Companies, individuals, governments, and researchers are spending a lot of money each year or maintaining and buying IoT sensors due to increasing investment in IoT. Unfortunately, all the data are captured in devices that are locked up in walled gardens and silos.  The worth of data which is locked away sometimes can reach 110 billion every year.
  2. The solution
    By using a smart contract based on Ethereum network of marketplace, there will be more possibilities to unlock this worth. Via the operator’s gateway, the owners of sensors place the data which will be generated by their sensors to be sold and buyers can find and buy access to the data using DTX token.


DTX token sale during presale

Start of presale : March 19th, 2018 4PM CET

Currency            : 4000 DTX + 2000 bonus = 1 ETH

Minimum           : 10 ETH

Bonus                  : 50% bonus

For inquiries, you can send an email to

DTX Token Sale

Start of sale      : April 26th, 2018 4PM CET

Currency           : 4000 DTX = 1 ETH

End of sale        : May 26th, 2018 4PM CET


There are many advantages when you join DataBroker DAO. They are including:

  • Network operators: Gain speed and scale in the adoption of companies network which can present a clear USP
  • Sensor owners: They are able to monetize data and press the cost into a money maker
  • Smart city initiatives: It can limit the population town cost with sufficient sensors
  • Sensor manufacturers: It can stop the ‘competition to the bottom’ in terms of production and pull out the resources and capital of manufacturing
  • Agricultural sector: In this sector 10% of the average farmers in the world are more aware to technologies. They include technology of sensors to find out about the barometric pressure, wind, temperature, PH level of the soil, and humidity. The platform of DataBroker DOA will provide the facilities to reduce the cost
  • Academic: It can make people getting easier access to many sensors and buying data cheaper in the marketplace

If you need more information about DataBroekr DOA, you can visit their official website and download their whitepaper. Good luck!



Team & Advisors


  • Matthew van Niekerk – Co-Founder & CEO
  • Roderik van der Veer – Co-Founder & CTO
  • Frank Van Geertruyden – MarCom Director
  • Els Meyvaert – Project Manager
  • Cassandre Vandeputte – Solution Analyst
  • Tom De Block – Blockchain Architect
  • Silke Van den Broeck – Blockchain Developer
  • Veronica Murguia – Investment Advisor
  • Astrid Janssens – Management Assistant
  • Rutger Bevers – Full Stack Engineer
  • Charles de Bergeyck – CFO
  • Peter-Jan Brone – Blockchain Developer


  • Jonathan Johnson – Advisor
  • Richard Kastelein – Advisor
  • Patrick Byrne – Advisor
  • Julien Marlair – Advisor

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