Dbrain: Blockhain Platform to Build Al Apps Together


Dbrain combines blockchain technology and intelligence. This is also a reason why they create an effective way to make you work together. You are able to see how and why their sinergy bring so many benefits for Al industry. In this point you might wonder about what the advantages of this blockchain-based Al platform as Dbrain has.

There are around 84% enterprises believe that investing in Al can get more competitive advantages. While around 57% of big companies are currently actively considering or in the process of using blockchain as well. Their team find out that it’s essential to have proficiency in both of fields. 80% of Al was data. These datasets for the machine learning were labeled by hand and need much effort as well. They provide you with simple tool for data scientist and crowd workers to change a data into real-world Al solution that make you easier.


However, one of the biggest and continuing challenges which face by artificial intelligence programs is how they will receive and process the information which they need in order to take an action. Dbrain is new startup which is aiming to ensure that people will be replaced by machines; at least they get paid to train these replacements. With said that “Dbrain makes Al happen”, a company offer you to pay users which used their services in cryptocurrency for privilege of teaching machine with learning based program.

The data will take them all

The big data push advancement of Al technology. In the same time, making the best quality dataset will need many human inputs and requires up to 80% of data scientist when building this Al application. Then Dbrain comes to the Al developers, crowd workers and data providers to create this Al application for their customer together. Then for business customers, this platform can find the order customization, currently applications and purchase the raw datasets as well. it means that Dbarin on your blockchain can make all of processes being easier, faster, more secure and get high quality result in the lowest price as well.

Increasing the work quality

They provide you with decentralized automatic SPOCK protocol that guarantees you with best quality of result. This thing can build up the community of task requesters and crowd workers as well. This is also works best in your currency. By combining of proof of take and proof of work feature that you can achieve very good result without having work duplication as well.

What is behind the shield?

You should know that blockchain will protect the community. The earned applications, token and data cannot be removed, while the audited contract will guarantee your safety and fair transaction. This is why there are many industries, such as military and banking start to explore the technology. Then in Al sector, the blockchain adaption can be taken in early stage, but, the level of security is one of the main reasons why need to apply it. There is Dbraincoin (DBR) as the internal currency which been used to pay out and receive Al apps, work and data.



Team & Advisors


  • Dmitry Matskevich – Chief Executive Officer
  • Aleksey Hahunov – Chief Technical Officer
  • Ivan Gorshunov – Chief Marketing Officer
  • Dima Dewinn – Chief Design Officer


  • Yobie Benjamin
  • Eleanor ‘Nell’ Watson
  • Vadim Fedchin
  • Ed Gurinovich
  • Dean Patrick
  • Mikhail Larionov
  • Dr. Antti SaarnioIlya Glazyrin
  • Matthew Graham

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