Debitum Network – to Offer Critical Fund Growth to SME Businesses


Bitcoin has certainly revolutionized a lot of aspects in life. One of the aspects that have been revolutionized and subsequently enhanced in the wake of this crypto currency craze is undoubtedly how two entities transfer value to one another. Crypto-technology has made it easier for people to lend capitals and transfer funds without having to risk decreasing value. This is seen as an opportunity to streamline various conventional businesses by various companies. One of them is Debitum Network.

What is Debitum Network?

For more than three years Debitum serves as an existing business in the industry of alternative finance. Aiming to properly function as a blockchain-based platform offering small business financing, Debitum stands out from the rest. The primary reason this business stands out is the fact that it emphasizes on unlimited and borderless opportunities for all.

By setting to leverage the dynamic and incredibly powerful nature of blockchain smart contract, Debitum also emphasizes on security. In the SME environment, fiat investment distribution typically faces numerous issues on the safety front. Aware of the aforementioned issues, Debitum sets to adopt blockchain for its network and offer a solution.

By adopting decentralization, fairness and accessibility principles, Debitum Network gives fresh air and opportunities to small-to-medium businesses. That way, every business regardless of its scale in the industry may access funding that is critical for their growth. This network is specifically designed to address credit gap of a whopping 2-trillion U.S. Dollars in SME environment worldwide.

How does the Debitum Network make a difference?

With a massive credit gap as mentioned, it is clear to see that the conventional finance institutions have been failing. Their apparent failure did not happen just once, but over the course of a few ages. Such systematic failure needs a groundbreaking revolution to solve the problem. Blockhain and cryptocoin combined is undoubtedly a great candidate in the recent years.

The network will, of course, operate on the native crypto token referred to as DEB. Not only that, integrating the advanced machine-learning intelligence, the Debitum network will be able to automate various services. One of them is to help the platform automatically clears loans and assets only by initiating blockchain-to-blockchain communications.

Built as a partnership between Inntec, the infamous IT company from Northern European, and Debifo. When it comes to alternative financing, Debifo itself is no stranger to the industry. With current portfolio boasing asset of well over 3-million Euro, the platform’s credibility is not to be questioned. But what exactly do users can expect from this blockchain-powered platform?


Users who are registered in the Debitum Network will be given so many opportunities. Some of the include, the ability to connect with investors, facilitate dealing with cross-border deals without strict regulations. Another thing that makes it better is the fact that the platform ensures that there will be no high costs. One thing that is typically associated with traditional finance and lending.

The Debitum Network first pre-sale ICO has begun on November 30th, 2017 with first of the three-tiered structural pricing, get yours while you still can.


Learn more about what we’ve achieved so far, our short-term plans, and what we’ll create together


ICO Crowdsale

Additional tokens will be available for purchase later in line with the Debitum business plan.

Name Debitum (DEB)
Blockchain Ethereum-based (ERC223) token
Supply 400 million tokens
Deposit Method: Ether (ETH)
Hard cap: 24 000 Ether (ETH)

Round A (Community round)

Round A Started: December 7, 2017 at 15:00 GMT
Round A Ended December 21, 2017 at 15:00 GMT
Result 1,2M USD collected

Round B

Round B Starts January 25, 2018 at 15:00 GMT
Round B Ends February 25, 2018 at 15:00 GMT
Round B cap 20 000 Ether (ETH)


Member Team Mārtiņš Liberts – Co-Founder / Visionary

Donatas Juodelis – Co-Founder / Partner relations
Justas Šaltinis – Co-Founder / Financing operations
Mažvydas Mackevičius – Technology lead / Blockchain technology expert
Märt Lume – Lead product manager


Eyal Hertzog – Co-Founder of Bancor / Crypto advisor
Tadas Langaitis – Investor relations advisor
Honourable Richard Evans – Investor relations advisor
Andrius Bogdanovičius – Risk assessment advisor
Andrius Nikitinas – International business development advisor
Michael Ricks – Financial services advisor
Peter Howitt – Legal advisor
James Downton – Marketing advisor
Lex Sokolin – Fintech advisor

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