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Denaro is a platform that provides versatile payment solutions for users so users can transfer, spend, and store cryptocoin on an intuitive interface. The platform also provides debit card payments and can solve problems on number one crypto so you can spend these coins physically.


Denaro successfully developed a secure SCI can be customized for services that can facilitate the payment of services and goods offline and online. You can use a physical debit card and a web wallet.


If you are tired of using BTC and ETH wallets, then this is the right solution for you. You can take advantage of the multi-crypto warehouse wallet from this platform. You do not need to use multiple addresses because this wallet can store and receive crypts with a single address. This allows you to spend your money in stores and ATMs. This platform has a smooth payment system and can bridge the gap between mainstream and crypto market. This platform allows individuals and companies to convert crypto into a fiat easily and securely through a web wallet. Users may store, spend, and transmit such crypto through IBAN, merchant payment terminals, and physical debit cards.


Denaro can provide stunning gifts to investors and communities who have already participated in this platform with referrals and bonus commission systems. This system can provide rewards based on tokens already sold in the event. The system will give a 3% commission on each purchase. You can get a great pre-sale bonus system. The company will give a 25% bonus to investors. This bonus will last for the program or 7 days. The main sales can provide 5% bonus for 25 million tokens, 10% for 20 million tokens, and 25% for 15 million tokens that have been sold. The company provided 65 million tokens during the event. This is a competitive sale because everyone wants the token. Do not take a long time to decide this because you will not get the bonus. If you can make a quick decision to buy a currency, then you can get a big bonus from this company.

Token Purchase Agreement

DNO Tokens can be purchased by users with an official agreement. This Agreement consists of the terms and conditions for using the intelligent contracts of this company. This is an agreement between the entity and the company legally. You are the buyer and Cryptoshine Limited is a company already registered in the official law. The buyer must agree, understand, and acknowledge some points. The first point is that the company is developing the Denaro platform and this can change over time.

The Company reserves the right to undertake and manage the distribution of additional tokens in certain situations. Cryptoshine Limited will be the affiliate company that released this platform. Buyer is bound and abides by this rule. This token shall not be distributed, offered or targeted to US residents.



Token Sale

Token Name:


Total Supply:

100, 000, 000


3000 DNO/ETH or equivalent

Hard cap:



The Denaro private sale will offer DNO tokens to early contributors and investors to expedite platform development and facilitate the launch of the  main/public token sale. The offer is scheduled as follows:

  • Supply: 2,500,000
  • Price: 3000 DNO/ETH
  • Bonus: 25%
  • Duration: 7 Days

Main ICO

Denaro will offer the remaining 62,500,000 DNO tokens a month after the private sales. The soft cap for the main/public ICO is 10,000,000 DNO.

  • Minimum Contribution: $10
  • Maximum Contribution: $100,000 (for contributions larger than the maximum amount, please contact for proper processing and bonus allocation
  • Bonus: Starting from 25% and decreasing throughout the token sale when certain milestones are hit
  • Duration: 35 Days
  • Referral Commission: 3%

Professional Team

Denaro uses a collective powerhouse of blockchain and bitcoin technology enthusiasts. The team of this company has great expertise. These employees use good skills to provide secure, easy, and secure payment solutions. This is the foundation of cryptocurrency development so that the world can be a better place than ever before.

  • Ron Ramsey: CEO, Co-Founder
  • Jeremy Boker: CFO, Co-Founder
  • Amy Archer: Head of Legal Department
  • Freya Wilkins: Financial Analyst
  • Patrick Bradshaw: Back End Developer
  • Jamie Douglas: Front-End Developer
  • Daniel Armstrong: Writer & Editor-in-Chief
  • Daniel Stanciu: Social Media Specialist

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