Are you looking for value-based of healthcare platform? Here is one of the platforms that maybe useful for you.

About Digipharm

Digipharm brings industry expertise together, a solid concept and ground-breaking technology of blockchain using cryptocurrency or Bitcoin in order to facilitate the healthcare’s transformation to an approach which has value. Many people have been complaining about the healthcare cost that combines with resource of constraints.it makes their burden about health system go higher and higher. Trade-offs is really important to be made especially when patients’ lives are at risk and they are being denied to get latest treatments. It also makes reimbursement much more difficult.

The infrastructural limitations of Digipharm have been bypasses in order to enable the flexibility of implementation with value-based agreement of pricing using smart contracts. Smart contracts are the development of evidence platforms which is unprecedented. They also have the ability to give reward to patients due to their contribution on giving their data.

The vision of Digipharm is to be the leading of value-based and sustainable healthcare delivery as well as patient empowerment across the industry of healthcare. It wants to be the innovative generation of evidence.


There are three points of major advantages you can get by signing up for Digipharm. Those advantages are including:

  • Value based care
    In around the world, the system of healthcare are currently in a threatening position due to unsustainable expenditure, increasing prevalence of chronic sickness, and ageing populations. The value based healthcare has concept that any payment for healthcare should be linked to the care or treatment quality and the advantage it provides. It should change from “money for service” to “money for excellent performance” with reimbursement model.
  • Innovative pricing
    The solutions of innovative pricing as price of value-based offer a dynamic and increasing solution to aim the uncertainty around the price of treatment related to the outcomes of a patient. The solutions provided by Digipharm are including incentives innovation, provide improving outcomes of a patient, reward mechanism of a manufacturer, and encourage the transition to healthcare centric of patient.
  • Pioneering generation of evidence
    The solutions of ground-breaking evidence generation are important to satisfy the relevant requirement as well as the quality of the data to inform the optimized provision values based healthcare.

The other advantages are also including patient empowerment and technology of blockchain. In patient empowerment, Digipharm really believes that ownership and custodianship of data patient are really important. Patients will be supervised to contribute and share their health progress related to the data to inform health related research and decision making. Meanwhile, using blockchain technology, the solutions from Digipharm will accelerate and facilitate the shift of paradigm to patient centric and value based using technology of blockchain and smart contracts. For Digipharm platform, using technology of blockchain is to promote the progress of a health information infrastructure which is decentralized and ubiquitous, security conscious and transparent.


DPH or Digipharm tokens will be used to pay access or license fee on the platform of Digipharm. The supply currency of the tokens will start from 100,000,000. The quantity of tokens is required including subject to relative, change to the value of the market of DPH.

Team & Advisors


  • Ahmed Abdulla – Founder/CEO
  • Girisha Fernando – Co-Founder/COO
  • Zach Daniels – CTO
  • Ralf Gerteis – Commercial Strategy
  • Alexander Sverdlov – Cybersecurity Strategy
  • Meredith Darden – Digital Marketing Lead
  • Alexey Popov – Web Development
  • Michael Gubert – UI/UX Design
  • Leon Rebolledo – Lead Architect
  • Rolf Günter – Legal Counsel
  • Bobby Kaura – Business Development
  • Dr. Mohamed Abdulla – Clinical Transformation
  • Dr. Hasham Al-Meshhedani – Patient Engagement
  • Ali Al-Sudani – Clinical Pharmacist
  • Dr. Rami Radwan – Clinical Relations
  • Peter Sandbach – Communications Director
  • Debra De Silva-Sun – HEOR & Pricing Analyst
  • Marko Granic – Graphic Designer


  • Sven Möller – ICO Advisor
  • Kamal Youssefi – Enterprise Blockchain Advisor
  • Waldemar Scherer – Life Sciences Blockchain Advisor
  • Sam Mantle – Health & Life Sciences Technology
  • Daniel Heller – PR Advisor
  • Claudio Staub – Co-Head Startup Communications
  • Anas Aman – Quality and Testing
  • Lloyd Jefferies – CRM Advisor

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