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There are many things people can do to earn more income. With the advance of technology, there will be more open opportunity for people to start their own business and get more money. If you are kind of people who love to play games in casino and really skillful in it, you can try to join in Dragon Coin ICO. It is a decentralized currency for casino gaming and players. This is really the rightest place for you to do your hobby and get money.

What Is Dragon Coin ICO?

Dragon Coin ICO is a company that specializes itself in casino gaming. The company has built good and strong relationship with VIP players who play important role in the growth of gaming industry in Asia. It can be said that Dragon Coin is an alternative of financial mechanism with transparent system in Casinos. This system is aimed to improve the industry of old – gaming. By using advanced technology of blockchain, the goal of the company is to revolutionize the gaming industry which is still using traditional method. Not only revolutionize it, the company also would like to create more benefits for those who have contribution in the gaming industry. Moreover, the advanced technology used by the company also enables it to give benefits for everyone who joins in the company. The Dragon has Dragon Global Chips or often called as DCG to enhance people’s contribution. The DCG is a kind of bitcoin or cryptocoin which is there to be bought by players joining in Casino. In purchasing the coins or the chips, the players should use DRG ERC20 token which can be bought in the Dragon’s token sale. The Dragon Coin ICO commits to use integrity and transparency in order to achieve the company’s targets. The company guarantees that all clients contribute in achieving the goal will get their profits properly.

How the Company Will Work for You

How the Dragon Coin ICO will work for you? Well, first of all the players are required to buy DRG or Dragon Global Chips from exchange. They can buy the DRG ERC20 token through the company token sale in order to contribute in this modern gaming casino industry. The next thing you should do is exchanging the DRG to DGC or Dragon Global Chips. The exchanging process can be done in the company’s partner that is Casinos & Junkets. The exchanging of DRG into DGC will then be used in contributing in the Casino. The third thing is called as “Winning” which will be paid for you as your profit. The “winning” that you get can be easily converted to DRG back. For your preference, the incentive reward can also be paid for you by using another cryptocurrency. If you would prefer another option, you can also receive your payment in FIAT. Joining in this Dragon Coin Casino is rally profitable for you. This is such the most suitable way for you to keep doing your gaming casino hobby while getting profit from it.


Team And Advisors

Executive Team

Chris Ahmad – Co-Founder & CEO

Paul Moynan – Co-Founder

Dr. Alen Siy – Chief Financial Officer

Yobie Benjamin – CTO

Advisory Board

Nick Spanos – Banking on Bitcoin

Dean Cannell – CoinFabric

Las Ho Choi – Experienced Junket Operator

Wannipha (Jen) Buakaew

Vlatko Gigov – Blockchain Token Economics

Christopher Cannucciari – Banking on Bitcoin

Dean Anastos – BlockchainDevelopers.org

Abdul Qaiyoom – Blockchain Investor & Tech Expert

Samuel McCulloch – SmartICOInvestor.com

Max Garza – Blockchain Research & Development

Brittany Kaiser

Anna Hazlett

Jordan Marshall


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