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Nowadays, the sectors of financial services sometimes do not offer solutions in order to trade with invoices, claims, and factoring agreements like receivables or assignments. Receivables market can be said as the trading that many people do. Meanwhile there is no receivable of electronic trading platforms such as stock exchange exists. There are quite many startups and entrepreneurs use trading platforms like system based on human backed excel or online invoice trading since there are no one-on-one connections to investors. In this article you will find out one of the platforms that make trading much easier especially using cryptocurrency.

About Ecex.Exchange

Ecex.Exchange is a trademark of Planet Ziggurat. The assignment of this platform is to bring easier trading for people. It will fill the gap by creating a system for active trading platform and market environment of assignment agreements. This means that the platform will help anyone who wants to change owners of several documents and agreements such as invoices, claims, and factoring agreements. The system of the market will be the same to the stock market which is fast and very transparent. It will allow trading invoices and claims from the time they are being issued to the date of the payment. Invoices and claims will be traded till the agreement or obligations are either erased or met due to the natural end or bankruptcy of the issuer. The owner of the claim or invoice can delist her or his right anytime and exercise her or his right in order to realize their own terms or requirement.


The Ecex.Exchange has Ziggurat token distribution and the token’s corresponding creation process that will be arranged around smart contract which runs on Ethereum Bitcoin. The token name in this platform is called as ZIG. Let’s check more information below.

  • Total supply of token: 531,000,000ZIG
  • Maximum goals: $53 million
  • Initial rate currency: the price of Ziggurat Token is locked to 0.0004561163 ETH per 1 ZIG meanwhile 2400 ZIG equals to 1 ETH

The rest of unsold tokens during the Token Distribution will be destroyed. Their distribution campaign doesn’t have minimum goal of capital due to the project continuity. Ziggurat Tokens will be added to the Inventory of Planet Ziggurat if they remain unsold once the crowdsale time has finished. If the quantity’s initial is for sale of public market, it will be sold before the end of ICO that has planned. After that, it can be raised by decreasing the share for distribution’s initial.

The distribution of the token has been divided in certain percentage. 10% will be for foundation, 7% for partners, 7% for founders, 6% for advisors, 4% for bounty and 66% for token buyers.


If you are wondering about the advantages of joining this platform, we will tell you what they are. This platform can give you great chance in trading tokens since they have several million transactions in the last three years. You can use that opportunity on trading platform of Ecex.Exchange or free marketplace. Trading platform of Ecex.Exchange facility is to pay and support for the service that the platform has given.


  • Tõnis Hilep – CEO
  • Sven Orro – CTO

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