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The development of digital world is really unstoppable now. New inventions are created every day that will open your eyes on every possibility you can do to reach your success. There are many businesses you can do via online. Either you are a pro or just an amateur, you will get the same chance to earn money from digital marketing. Corwdcoinage is one of the companies that will provide you with all you need about the ease to start business in virtual marketing. You can earn digital currency with the company’s helps. Get to know more about the company in this article.

What is Crowdcoinage?

Located in Tallin, Estonia, Crowdcoinage is a company that will provide you with crowdfundong platform you can use in the ICO campaigns. With a special program called e-Residency offered, the company has a motto to decentralize, secure, free, and support your business, the company is one of the greatest solutions you can use to begin your first business. To give you optimum services the company is the best place where you can get fund to support your projects. This Crowdcoinage makes it possible for you to take your first step to build your own business from everywhere in a decentralized area. The nicest thing is that you can get the company’s help for free.

The platform obtained by the company will be developed in the first place of the blockchain. The main focus of the platform is on the security. This is because joining in digital marketing can be very risky and you can lose your money unpredictably anytime. That is why the company really puts concern on the security of their clients’ businesses. Clients are the ones to decide whether the business they involve in is legit or not. The company will not release the funds if the clients break their promises after the sale of the token. One of the best things about the e – Residency program is that the project can identify the security faster than any similar projects available out there. In addition, each program offered can do their token sale without requiring any fee. But the project can access the marketplace by using different services once the clients need extra helps.

How the Crowdcoinage Helps to Develop Your Business

It has been stated before that the Crowdnoinage will give you free support to help you develop your business. The project offered is all created on blockchain. It is only a very important server and service which can be used at outside of the blockchain. For instance, the users of the program can get complete deletion of their personal data since it is saved separately. In addition, all the votes, functions, and transactions done by using the company’s platform will be arranged in decentralized way. All the projects that apply the company’s platform must get approval from the client’s first. It is to make sure that the clients will not experience any deprivation because of the platform. All the collaborations between the company and clients are based on honesty and trust.



Token Sale

12th of February 2018, 11AM EET (UTC/GMT+2)


ICO structure

Token Sale Starts 2018/02/12, Monday
Token Sale Period 2018/02/12 11AM EET (UTC/GMT +2) to 2018/03/12 11PM EET (UTC/GMT +2)
Hard Cap 3,900 ETH
Bonus 1st week – 20%
2nd week – 15%
3rd week – 10%
4th week – 0%
Subscriber Bonus 1st week – 40%
(leave us your email before the ICO starts on 2018/02/12 you receive a special link that gives a twice as much bonus from all investments made during a first week)
Large Contributor Bonus 3 ETH – 10%
5 ETH – 30%
10 ETH – 50%
30 ETH – 70%
50 ETH – 80%
(bonus on top of any other bonus that may apply)
Token Symbol CCOS
Total Number of Tokens 250,000,000
Tokens sold in this sale 50%
Exchange Rate 1 ETH = 10,000 CCOS tokens
Minimum Purchase 10 CCOS tokens
Accepted Cryptos ETH
Adjustability Undistributed tokens will be destroyed by smart contract
Listing CCOS tokens will be listed on crypto exchanges after the token sale

Team & Advisors

Peep Paum

Co-Founder & CEO

Tauno Poks

Co-Founder & CTO

Sven Kauber

Co-Founder & senior backend/blockchain developer

Silver Liiv

Co-Founder & frontend developer

Marina Baslina


Vinshu Gupta

Blockchain expert

Oleksandr Sovenko

Senior backend/Solidity developer

Riho Muuga


Arlis Kopli

Frontend developer

Mattias Kurvits

Backend developer

Christopher Matthew Spencer

International Business Consultant at kathy ireland Worldwide

Edvin Parisalu

Finance Consultant at Car Rental Gateway Limited

Kaupo Lepasepp

Legal Consultant at Sorainen Law Firm

Peeter Kruusvall

Strategist & Partner at Optimist Public Communication Agency

Terence Seow

Managing Director at Bank of Singapore

Mervik Haums

Developer & Crypto Enthusiast at IdeaKloud & CoinScannr

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