Gym Rewards App; Making Money By Exercising


The motivation of having a healthy life is varying. However, in total people does not show high enthusiasm on it. A company then developed advanced technology related with gym needs.


The solution offered by this company is to provide Gym Rewards application. The idea is by giving people money if they are willing to exercise. This application makes that idea possible through the help of blockchain technology. It involved the use of cryptocoin or cryptocurrency. The blockchain technology will be able to give trusted prove of exercise done through the GYM Rewards token. For that reason, a special currency, which usually called as bitcoin will be needed to perform it.

The use of cryptocurrency in this technology will skip the middleman. Therefore, any unfair distribution can be making the body to exercise, people will be able to gain cryptocurrency token. Right there, people will be able to collect the rewards offered by the application. It is just the same as making money simply by doing exercise, which will give many benefits for the body as well.

The use of blockchain technology in this application can help newer features, which you could not find in the ethereum. First, it can be the proof of exercise. Second, it can give free contract of submissions. Last, the token transaction fees take the token itself as the base, it does not make use of the blockchain coin. All people need to do is just downloading the application. Then, they can start to do any exercises offered while keeping the heart rate to be monitored. After finished, they will get money for it.

Proof of Exercise (POE)

POE is a contract based rewards system. it can be activated by detecting the locations in the geolocation coordinates contract. Then, it will make use of the heart beats through the GYM app so that it can deliver block rewards when the time of required work already been met. Here are the samples of GYM you can get. If you run for 10 minutes, you can get 1.6666667 GYMs per minute. When you run for 10 hours, you will be able to get 10 GYMs for each hour.

The Gym Rewards Application

This application will balance what athletes do on their exercise to what they can get from it. It will also be functional tool for common people to make their self healthy while gaining money at the same time. The exercise routine is watched and recorded in the three most important feature of this app. Those are the exercise log, heart rate monitoring, as well as cryptocurrency wallet.

Equipped with well developed GYMBase Exchange and Merchant, people will be able to do many things. First, they can trade cryptocurrencies and tokens with zero cost for GYM Rewards Token holders. Second, the technology used ensured accurate and fast trading process. Third, people can accept all listed tokens or cryptocurrencies both at the Gymnasiums and GYM Rewards partner. last, people can make a list of incoming ICO Tokens for the exchange.

Team & Advisors

Jose Barrales – The Co-founder of GYM Rewards
Carmelo M Sanchez – Co-Founder
Yuzzel Alexis – Lead Developer
Carroll Moon – Advisor
Ron B Palmer – Manager in the Data Center Operations

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