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Today, the space of cryptocurrency has grown out quickly especially Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a decentralized system of digital payment which using crypto graphical proof. It will validate any transaction. Many companies have built many trusted network to give easy access for people transact with Bitcoin. The network of Bitcoin has shown to be a good option of payment that can compete with tradition payment.

About BitEsprit

BitEsprit is a platform that can eliminate the entry’s barriers into the trading ecosystem of altcoin for both traders as well as promising upcoming projects that looking to have traction. Their exchange will help traders who have similar problems in the lack of trading expertise, direct access to altcoin, insecure exchange, and user interface. Moreover, developers of altcoin have also experienced ultimate problems caused by fee exchanges charge of exorbitant for new tokens of ICO that are listed in their options. That’s why one of the aims of BitEsprit is to provide the same chances to gain access to liquidity in order to help more people growing without seeing them being subjected to financial problems like unreasonably fees of high listing. BitEsprit comes to serve people with the needs of trading’s cryptocurrency that can foster.



There are many advantages when users use this platform. Those advantages are including:

  • BitEsprit is the right place where people are able to withdraw and deposit fiat
  • Trade a various range of cryptocoin including altcoins and Bitcoin
  • Copy another trader for profit
  • Use many kinds of indicators and tools on their charts
  • People can use a BitEsprit debit card that linked to their accounts in order to get instant access to their account balances of the funds
  • It has trusted ICO tokens
  • It is a global pioneer in trading solution of cryptocurrency
  • It will be the go-to exchange of altcoin

The exchange of BitEsprit will be more than 100 cryptocurrencies that can be traded against leading cryptocurrencies and also currency of fiat. It will operate with minimum fee structure that half of them can be paid using BEC. Their exchange gives people facilitate to copy trading as well as simple selling and buying of cryptocurrencies. It will also allow users to have their very own debit cards of BitEsprit which issued and connected to their accounts. Their exchange also has its built-in, advanced solutions so that every problem can be handled in single online platform of trading.


BEC which is the BitEsprit token is called is obtainable through their ICO or Initial Coin Offering. By using BEC, investors can pay in BTC or ETH with the basis of first-come first-served until the supply for allocating sell reaches 70,000,000. The price of the token during three rounds of pre-sale is different. It starts from $0.30, $0.50, and $0.65. Meanwhile during the crowdsale, it is around $0.85. The actual rate in ETH and BTC relies on the ETH/USD and BTC/USD exchange rate. The minimum contribution of crowdsale is $50 meanwhile for pre-sale contribution the minimum price for users is $50.



Team & Advisors


  • Barnabas Baranyi – Co-founder, Chief Strategy
  • Zsolt Volner – Co-founder, Chief Product
  • Patrik Burda – Mobile Developer
  • Richard Bohm – Python, C# Developer
  • Tamas Scherer – Project Manager
  • Zoltan Zsebok – Python, Java Developer


  • BRENNAN BENNETT – marketing strategy
  • DR. ALEX KOSIK – Mentor
  • DANIEL DE WEYER – business strategy
  • HENNO FOURIE – target marketing
  • JACK SINCLAIR – marketing strategy
  • DEBORAH MILLS – legal advisor
  • MALCOLM BLOOM – cyber security advisor
  • LUKA LAH – community manager

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