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Do you need a car to ride? Helbiz Coin can help you with that. This is peer – to – peer market place that makes it easier for you to rent out car, motorcycle, or the other vehicles. The price offered is quite affordable and only requires instant process to accomplish. The most interesting thing is that you will also get incentive reward from the company if you join in it. Doesn’t it sound really nice and beneficial? Find out more about the Helbiz Coin in this article.

Helbiz Coin Overview

Conventional system used in traditional rental car requires you to follow long process to get your ride. But with Helbiz Coin the processing duration can be shorter. With the advance of technology, all the renting processes can be accomplished by using instant methods. The digital currency, bitcoin, and cryptocoin available also make all things become more practical. The company has made revolution in sharing market of private car. The system used makes it possible for the company to provide instantaneous process of car rental. In addition, there will be no communication needed anymore during the rental process. There will be confirmation provided by using the renters’ phone number and the company will change it into the key that can be used for the car as well as the ignition. This is really practical. Moreover, the company also provides insurance to secure both the renters and owners if there is something unexpected occurs. The revolutionary system used by the company is based on the idea that there is only 4% of 1.2 billion cars available in the world are being used now. Helbiz as an open transportation platform creates revolutionary way to rent out your private vehicles to your peer. You can easily browse and search for a perfect car from millions of vehicles available by accessing Helbiz. All you need to do is just click for the application and then book for the ride. After that you can unlock the vehicle and drive off. You can use the token provided by the company to pay the ride you rent.

How to Rent Out Your Car

As it has been stated before that renting out car in Helbiz is very simple. All you need to do is just listing your car first. The process is free and you can choose model, attach photos along with the detail of your car, and then set up the rental price. The team of Helbiz will come to your company and set up the software. It will then lock at location based on your preference. The renters will then unlock your vehicle by using their own phone number. You will get notification from the company each time your car will be returned to you. There will nothing you should do anymore and you will instantly get your payment. This is such a great way in which you can make use your vehicle to give you additional income. This is so practical and makes it possible for you to get money through an easy way.



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