IDEX – Aurora Provides New Trading and Banking Solution with Cryptocurrency

As cryptocurrency transaction becomes more common, it is clear that cryptocurrency users are in need of an established cryptobanking system that will make transaction in cryptocoins very easy, just like transactions in fiat currency. Aurora is created in that spirit. It is made with combinations of Ethereum applications, system and protocol which result in a remarkable cryptocurrency banking system. It takes the simplicity and the familiar sense of traditional banking and then combines it with the best thing about cryptocurrency that is decentralized and transparent system.

There are three main features of Aurora. The first one is the banking system, the second one is trading platform and the third one is the token, Boreal. Boreal is a stable currency that will be the driving force of both the banking and trading platform. Aurora strives to provide a banking and trading system with advanced technology and great transparency that can be easily accessed and used by everyone who wants to feel the real benefit of cryptocurrency.

Decentralized Capital Banking Platform

The banking system of Aurora is called Decentralized Capital. It is a blockchain based decentralized bank that is committed to provide service without geographical boundaries. The best service that Decentralized Capital will provide is the cryptocurrency based loan solution. The loan is very safe and more cost effective not only because it is based on blockchain and cryptocurrency, but also because it comes with rating mechanism that is specially developed by the Aurora team.

The loan rating mechanism is developed to reduce the risk of loan default. Furthermore, since it is based on blockchain, the loan will be available worldwide. However, just like traditional loan in conventional lending institution, the amount of loan a person can receive will be determined by the person’s credit history. In the case of cryptocurrency based loan, the credit history will be checked from the person’s digital reputation.

The loan will be given in a form of Boreal and this is another advantage of taking loans with Decentralized Capital. Boreal is different with other tokens. It is a very stable currency because it has retailer endorsements as well as cryptocoins reserves and debts to back it.

IDEX Exchange Platform

The main difference between Aurora and other cryptobanking is the fact that it is not only about creating cryptocurrency banking system. It also provides platform for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to do one of the most popular ways to gain money from digital coins. It is trading.

IDEX, Aurora’s trading platform is very easy to use and its speed is also remarkable. Trading will be done in real time so traders can make orders anytime and see the results in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, it is also possible to do multiple orders without having to wait one order to be completed first. It is possible because the trading process is separated from the finalization. Boreal will be used as the payment for trading fees so every traders who want to use IDEX platform needs to have some amount of Boreal first.




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