L-Pesa: A Platform that Helps Your Financial


Are you looking for a platform to help your financial problem? This platform uses cryptocurrency which is Bitcoin to provide financial services for you.

L-Pesa Microfinance is a startup of fine technology which has a lot of advantages. It helps people around the world who need financial services. The company’s operating model has been validated 24 months ago. It has built cutting-edge technology too to make the operations runs well and user-friendly. Its ultimate barrier to grow at this stage is the ability to give funding to users’ loans and acquisition. The loss ratio and return on loans are 10% and 25%. The idea of L-Pesa is to launch forces of four essential market sto allow these following scaling:

  • Identity of biometric
  • Mobile technology
  • Credit data alternative
  • Artificial intelligence, Big Data, and Blockchain

L-Pesa has aware of those market forces and built cutting-edge technology as well as proper model of credit scoring that allows the platform to scale micro lending quickly in developing countries while keeping the ratios of loss below 10%. The solution that L-Pesa has is to allow a small back team of office to support the high value of loan origination. It provides all loans already.


Now, let’s talk about token in L-Pesa. Below is the information related to the token in L-Pesa.

Token’s name:


Token ticker:


Token type:

Ethereum ERC20

Owner of token: ​

L-P Kripton ltd., Suite 2B, 143 Main Street, Gibraltar GX111AA

Number of REID:


For the total amount of tokens that will be issued are maximum 2,600,000,000. Meanwhile, the tokens’ final number that has been created will be counted based on contributions’ final amount. By the end of the ICO, the final number will be published.

For tokens distributions, there will be 2,600,000,000 of total of tokens sale. It will be around 58% of the total tokens sale. For advisors, the tokens will be distributed around 10% and 15% for management and team. For business development and bounties and referrals, they will get 16% and 1% each. The token price is 17,500 LLPK for 1 ETH. The period of token lock up is until ICO ends. The activation of token will be one day after ICO has finished.


Before we talk about advantages, let’s see the keys to business model of L-Pesa first. They are including:

  • The back office system is highly automated that allows the tasks to be completed automation linked to loan services and loan underwriting.
  • Integration with providers of mobile money service for collection payments and disbursement of efficient loan
  • The currency loan of origination process is highly efficient which is completely automated and it is 100% online.
  • The credit scoring model is proprietary which has been issued by L-Pesa to result in a ratio of loss below 10% which has turned over more than 35,000 loans.

Now the advantages in joining L-Pesa for stakeholders are quite many. The customers can get access to a lot of financing choices in affordable price to improve their lives. And for the third-party capital of L-Pesa, they can deploy the attractive returns from the capital. L-Pesa employees and shareholders can earn a fair return on their labor and investment.


Team Ron Ezra Tuval – Founder, CEO

Bo Henriksen – Owner, CMO
Jordan Balindo – Country Manager
Andrew Langat – Country Manager
Dominic Gichomo – Country Manager
Amitabh Roy – Project Manager
Angualia Daniel – Legal Counsel
Khaya Maloney – Operations Manager
Desiree Domo – Copywriter & PR
Uttam Kumar Karmakar – Designer
Malcolm Ngugi – Legal Counsel
Bernard Kipkuri – Support
Mselem Said – Director
Leonard Jackson – Marketing support
Yunia Warioba – Support
Analisa Mtetemela – Support
Sandipan Paul – Accountant
Riaz Laskar – Developer
Somsubhra Saha – Developer


Advisors Tamir Hodorov – Hodorov Law Firm

Paulii Good – ICO Social Media & Marketing Advisor
John Petersen – Business Development
Steve Good – Strategic ICO Advisor
Bogdan Fiedur – ICO Advisor and Blockchain Tech
Kevin Donovan – ICO Advisor
Shaun Saunders – PR ICO Advisor

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