ODEM: The Best Solution for Future Education


Apparently, the technology used by bitcoin can provide a change in the world of education. The world of education has always faced tough challenges. There are many obstacles to developing the field of education. The field of education requires a global marketplace to help students access various educational options. It is expected to manage many things such as transportation, accommodation, and course options.

Students get many barriers to accessing high-quality education. Professors who want to provide educational material are limited by the college and the terms used by these teachers. Students cannot seek knowledge due to enrollment with strict supervision and regulation from parties that can make students have difficulty getting into college. The world is changing rapidly and this makes education well developed.

Another obstacle is finance. Tuition fees have increased significantly and the process of admission to college is also very difficult. This condition causes many students who cannot develop ability well. Geographical barriers are also a problem for students. Students who want to study in other countries must travel far and pay a high cost. This makes developers create online education that can be accessed from various places.

ODEM solution

Odem is a platform that uses blockchain technology or technology used for cryptocoin. These are smart contract payments so that professors and students can interact directly. This platform can provide the exchange of learning and education without intermediaries. The purpose of this platform is that students can get quality education easily. Demand for education with the US curriculum has increased. There are many students from other countries who want to learn the lesson. The students come from various countries such as the Middle East, South America, Africa, and Asia. Students can interact with educators to access courses and exercises. Students can use this platform to find the curriculum required by the student.


Odem can provide access to education with hands-on experience. You can get an amazing learning experience. You can join a single educational community because providers and educators can participate and communicate directly in a comfortable environment. You can use a negotiation system to meet with your professor on an agreed schedule. All participants can get a clear schedule.

Technology Platform

This is a transparent online platform that can deliver educational programs well. You can change the schedule to suit your needs. This platform uses an inclusive payment system to securely transact. All students can request and make the service for educational programs. Service providers can accept requests to meet such educational programs with smart contracts. You can buy the service at the right price. Direct education allows students to understand the lesson well.


This technology provides accommodation for students for one year. Demand for this platform has increased so the company is building technology that can negotiate fees and create certificates for students. This technology is already widely used because you will not be reduced by others while using this technology. Everything will open before your eyes and this is the principle used in virtual currency. You do not have to think twice about investing in this company because this platform will be the future of education.




Education Team

Steve Jarding, Harvard University Faculty – Education and Leadership Curriculum Advisor

Ingo Fiedler, Hamburg University Faculty – Blockchain and Economic Advisor

Sven Beiker, Stanford GSB Faculty – Technology Advisor

Management Team

Richard Maaghul – CEO

Bill Bayrd – COO

Michael Zargham – Chief Systems Engineer

Amit Garg – Chief Technology Officer

Gustavo Guimarães – Lead Ethereum and Smart Contract Architect

Kirsten Montgomery – Director of Finance and Resources

Ken Finch – Director of Global Sales

Asad Zaman – Director of Sales Pakistan

Bowen Gao – Sales – Emerging Market

Kris Yagel – Program Director and Designer

Advisory Council

SICOS – Crowdsale Advisory

KPMG – Legal and Compliance Advisory

BlockScience – Blockchain Economics Advisory


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