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Current problem of poor commerce

The use of internet become so vast and makes almost anything make use of it. However, along with the growth, personalized online user interaction standards come out as standard for the protocol. Thus, keeping the track then become so essential for online community.

However, internet does not have identity layer. As a result, merchants, forums, or other stakeholders need to develop it from scratch. One solution, which still used until this time, is signing up for each website. However, as its become closer and closer to the daily modern lives, the perception slowly changes and such activity like online shopping become mainstream. The interaction  then needs numerous sign up or sign in process. As more and more people start to get irritated by it, at least 22% of shoppers choose to abandon their carts in the end.

Solution from Safein

Looking from that problems, safein comes with brilliant solution to bring your surfing experience more comfortable. In standard path, you will pass through a very long journey. Starts with clicking register, then enter your email address. After that you need to think about a new password then open your email. Next, you need to verify your email address and enter your personal information. Following that step, you should click checkout than choose your desired payment method. You still have to login to payment account before confirming the payment.

All those method can simply shortened by safein. The path offered only requested you to sign in with safein. After that, you should checkout with safein. Finally, you just need to approve the payment on a mobile device. Only by performing those 3 easy steps, you will not need to pass such a long path anymore.

The use of digital wallet and payments

Along with the suggested solution, safein make use of the digital wallet and payment to make your path become shorter and more comfortable. Safein is now working to be a fully licensed EU electronic money institution. The ability of receiving and processing payment in full compliances with the law is what will be included. This action will need the use of major cryptocoin such as bitcoin, Ethereum ERC20 tokens, and other popular digital currency.

The benefit of using safein

If people use safein, they will be able to get many benefits. first, they can skip multiple time consuming registration. Gaining access to any services in instant with no delay or verification regarding the identity will be possible as well. Secondly, people can purchase from a merchant, who offers the best price or products. People will not be limited to one user who has verified account only.

Besides that, disclosure of the data regarding what customer do will be passed on to websites fully and clearly. People can feel safe and comfortable as company collect their data. It is trustworthy and safein can protect it well. More importantly, lower transaction fees will as possible as cryptocurrency transaction used by safein will not involve third party. making payments will be more convenient.



Team & Advisors

  • Vladas Jurkevičius – Co-Founder, Business
  • Audrius Slažinskas – Co-Founder, Legal
  • Lukas Deksnys – Co-Founder, Operations
  • Mushegh Tovmasyan – FinTech
  • Joseph Steinberg – Cybersecurity
  • Mario Ovcharov – Business Development
  • Arthur Zubkoff – Marketing and growth
  • Jean-Baptiste (JB) Daguené – Sales and Business Development
  • Pierre Roberge – Cybersecurity
  • Jonas Tirevičius – Senior IT Project Manager
  • Bogdan Kuštan – Senior Development Team Lead
  • Ilya Tereshin – Senior Ethereum Blockchain developer
  • Prof. Dr. Vilius Benetis – Cybersecurity
  • Vilius Semėnas – Business development
  • Dr. Joseph F. Borg – Regulatory
  • Marius Miškinis – Finance
  • Justas Brazauskas – UX/UI/Data

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