OpenCollectorsNetwork to Offer Innovative Platform of Creative Ideas

Firefox_Screenshot_2018-03-06T18-25-22.747ZFollowing the success of Bitcoin and the newly emerging market, Open Collectors Network comes up with a fresh, new concept. As the first decentralized platform that offer the greatest flexibility, Open Collectors Network makes it possible for users to own their individual tokens. Not only that, the company also allows users to create, customize, interact and trade their individual tokens on an open market.

A platform for non-fungible tokens

Slowly but surely, the blockchain technology moves towards the maturity stage. However, it seems like every new Blockchain technology and crypto currency nowadays are made to work with one specific token. This token is categorized as a fungible token. While there is no doubt surrounding the benefits offered by fungible tokens, not everyone relies on it. More so when you are dealing with non-blockchain based business entities.

The IT industry typically does not exclusively deal with fungible tokens as it also has to cater to a myriad of different tokens. Henceforth will be referred to as non-fungible tokens. Aware of the issue, the Open Collectors Network aims to not only solve the related issue, but also to come up with a reliable blockchain alternative. Focusing on the commonly used programming patterns, Open Collectors Network changes the game with its unique API system to support its operation.

More advanced scenarios with specific purposes

In order to allow more advanced scenarios to play out, along with the ability bulk-create a large number of different items, the company offers the use of API. These aspects undoubtedly offer so many purposes for the companies making applications upon the platform. As time goes on, more applications and tokens will be created upon the platform.

Popular tokens will provide owners with the ability to either auction or sell the tokens to the highest bidder. All operations within the platform will be charged a nominal fee associated with either the creation or trading operations. As this is meant for profit, the remaining of the proceeds will then be handed to the holders.

The uses of ECTO tokens

Open Collectors Network does not only offer an open platform for everyone. The purpose is to encourage innovative ideas to flourish, to be developed and implemented upon its unique platform. While the Open Collectors Network’s platform itself offers excitement, the company believes there are still room for your innovative ideas.

To help realize your ideas, the Open Collectors Network provides you with the platform needed and ECTO tokens. Boasting tamper-proof security, accountability, transparency, and best of all – absolute ownership, the offer is indeed hard to pass by. Among the aforementioned benefits, by owning ECTO tokens you will also get the following perks.

  • Usability
    The remaining barrier to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is the complicated technical terminology on top of difficulty of use. To help accelerate mainstream adoption, Open Collectors Network provides users with clean, intuitive, and user friendly interface.
  • Seamless creation
    If you have innovative ideas and you know how to create it into a unique item as it’s envisioned, you will directly enter into ownership. Giving you a place to be creative and make profit in the long run. To get involved in Open Collectors Network’s ICO and purchase its cryptocoin to start creating, visit

Team & Advisors


  • Dan Andrei Singeorzan – Co-founder & Developer
  • Ion Cosmin Grigore – Co-founder & Developer
  • Grant Tiller – Product Manager
  • Stefan Mihai Stanescu – Legal Advisor
  • Daniel Taivan – Test Lead
  • Florin Stefan – Expansion & Marketing Executive
  • Cristian Cotarcea – Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Iulian-Andrei Popescu – Senior Developer
  • Florentina-Marina Grigore – Developer
  • Spasenie Alexandru – Android Developer


  • Cristian Tamas
  • Mike Boutwel
  • Sabin Girlea
  • Dylan Senter
  • Simon Cocking
  • Reinhard Brongers
  • Alexandru Savulescu
  • Laura Toma

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