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Brief description of AirPod

AirPod is a private capsule style, which specially designed to fulfill individual needs of spaces in public. It can be used in bus stations, hotels, railway, airport, shopping centre, and even offices. This technology also allow the user to enjoy Wi-Fi connection, touch screen monitor, sound reduction technology,   air conditioner, privacy blinds with smart glass, anti stress program, as well as mood lighting.

The design of AirPod is ergonomic. It can be slot into various surrounding. However, the first introduction of this technology took major airport hubs, as it is the most ideal setting. For that reason, this introduction phase will run smoother with the help from one of the largest company in business, more precisely, for businesses whose work related to airport field.

AirPod also has storage for luggage or personal belongings. In the pod, you will find a seat in high quality, which can be transformed into a bed as well. The flight status information and alarm clock will ease any user to know precisely when they should leave it and start their journey. The single control operating panel will also easy you in managing anything you want inside.

The ease offered by airpod

By using this technology, any passenger will be able to spend their waiting time during the flight in more comfortable feeling. As you can see, problems such as delayed schedule, long check in time, or bustling terminal is soc crowded, that will not give you the privacy you need. To solve that matter, AirPod come in affordable price and convenient use.

AirPod can give people comfortable space for each individual. People can use to sleep or doing their work. It is also possible to use this technology as a relaxation, to keep privacy, or to be safe in great security. In the pod, you can enjoy anything you want, such as watching movie, reading book, listening to the music, and many more, without disturbing other people around you. On the contrary, with no distraction from the outside as well.

Create your opportunity

As this technology is developing its partnership to make the introduction blow the market, you can be one of the opportunists as well. This technology se self expanding infrastructure from the Blockchain technology. it is advanced technology, which is specially made for the digital currency. In the digital economic transaction, it will rely on the use of that currencies, or the one people often called as bitcoin as well. Hence, people will be able to keep or continually add the number of their cryptocurrency or cryptocoin.

In the first stage, you need to participate in an ICO, which is backed by real business. The token called as APOD tokens. After that, you should deploy the APOD token, as it is the same to show the ability to use AirPod technology in participating the sponsorship program of this technology. For the last step, you need to development it. As the goal is to reach as many locations as possible, you can enable it to be part of public use.


  • Grega Mrgole – CEO, Co-founder
  • Miha Meolic – COO, Co-founder
  • Jure Jakomin – Bounty Manager
  • Misa Podpecan – Digital Media specialist
  • Miran Pavlic – Communications Manager
  • Ales Jazbec – Tech & Visual Support
  • Dejan Cerni – Technical support
  • Andrej Kregar – Product Development Manager
  • Janez Skobe – Multimedia Support
  • Vladimir Nikitin – Strategic ICO/ Compliance Advisor
  • Nikolay Shkilev – ICO Advisor
  • Nathan Christian – ICO Advisor
  • Amarpreet Singh – Blockchain & ICO Advisor
  • Dusko Pavasovic – Crypto analytics Advisor
  • Tomaz Lorenzetti – BUSINESS ADVISOR
  • Iztok Franko – AIR TRAVEL ADVISOR

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