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Do you want to save personal data and identity with a platform? Of course, data keeping and storage are mostly needed by companies and individual. The safest data keeper platform surely will be chosen. A platform based on blockchain seems to be the best choice for data storage. This platform is keeping any personal data securely through a blockchained – system. Persona can be a right platform for managing personal data and identity.

What Is Persona?

Persona is a solution for managing identity. It is similar and equal to its protection settings and rules of the latest data. The scope of this platform is to empower customers and give control over personal data and identity. It is also to be a facility to get access to their private and personal data. By using Persona, individual can spend fewer time to renew data and service providers to get customer data access with the latest version. It is a simple concept from this platform to keep personal data, currency, bitcoin, and any other data.


What Makes You Trust Persona?

As a trusted platform for personal data and identity keeper, there are some reasons why you should take a choice of this platform. What are the reasons why you choose this platform?

Single Identity Management

Persona harnesses a power of blockchain technology to manage data and identity without complication. It is like an entering information for all websites and sites that have been used it. Sources of future websites can be inserted through the application of bitcoin platform. You can benefit it automatically.

Community to Support You

Digital identity is based on  cross verification conducted by some entities. You should track Persona notaries near to you. You can get your identity about 90%. The rest of your search is about 10% based on KYC project conducted by corporate partners.

Personal Information Is Yours Keeping Safely

When you use this platform to save data of cryptocoin, the data is yours. You are the de facto owner of your personal data. Thus, in order to get access to services or devices, you need to agree explicitly to share it. Trusted sides with such data need to take over all necessary actions to protect and keep it.

Building Independently

You will be in the center of position. You are able to build from that spot. Persona is about you and interaction in business, bitcoin, currency, and cryptocoin fields. You can make your own way and scope based on your data such as medical note and records, fitness development, and social media account. You can give access to remove access to your data because it is yours.



Professional Team

In addition to those reasons, Persona will convince you due to its professional team. The team is experienced to handle personal data and bitcoin matters. You just trust the team and it is finishing and completing your jobs and needed matters. The team understands on the further ways and steps when there are some occuring problems in the process of keeping your personal data. The team will never make you disappointed.

Member Team

Ștefan Neagu – Co-Founder

Ioana Frîncu – Co-Founder

Dan Cearnău – Co-Founder

Iulian Oprea – Technical Lead

Alexandru Marin – Mobile Developer

Raluca Mitarca – Visual Designer

Lucian Roșu – Blockchain Developer

Tudor Stomff – Community Manager

Victor Micu – Community Manager


Cristian Lina – Advisors

Mike Doty – Advisors

Cosmin Bucur – Advisors

Johan Gabriels – Advisors

Sorin Simplaceanu – Advisors

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