Pindify, a Revolutionary Platform for Artists and Media Developers

Sharing music, arts, and media is much easier today. Pindify ICO is a new online platform designed to facilitate artists to share their artworks online with clearer copyright. This platform is trying to facilitate between artists or labels and their fans or buyers. So, this is not an ordinary platform but it is also the place for artists to get revenue from their works.

Short Overview of Pindify

Pindify is an online platform for labels, brands, and artists to meet each other as well as their fans. There are several benefits you can get by uploading your artworks to this platform. For example, as an artist you have to get closer to your fans. Pindify is one way to get closer with your fans especially those who love to use online platform. You can share your latest works and your friends give comments on it. The goal is to make them buy your works. Moreover, artwork marketplace is various today and this platform is a great place to sell your works or contents. As the result, you can earn more money and revenue from your works. This platform is the place where creative people connected and you can start to build your network not only to earn money but also to wider your knowledge about creative world. Just imagine that you are entering a new social media network where you see people with the same passion in artworks.

Technology to Protect Copyright

How about the copyright of your artworks? You don’t need to worry because your works are protected by legal rules including legal copyright. Pindify is using the latest Blockchain technology. By using this latest technology, the platform gives a great attention to the registration and distribution of your intellectual properties.

The idea is giving powerful and legal protection for digital contents so only people who get your approval whom can use your works along with clear contract. Actually, this is the way to buy and earn the income from those digital contents. Pindify is also a platform which accepting revolutionary currency known as cryptocurrency. The payment will be simpler because the members are able to buy their favorite works by using bitcoin. On the other hand, the earning and all transactions will be recorded transparency and along with secure system. As the artist, you know where you earn the money and how much crpytocurrency you earn. At the same time, you can also use the currency to buy the works which make you curious.

Unique Services from Pindify

What actually Pindify offers to the users are direct to consumer market service along with close relationship between its members. Network is the key to develop this platform better to meet what the world’s need. The different is that Pindify is not only useful for one side but also for all users. The artists get better copyright and revenue from their works. At the same time, the community gets high quality works easier and even more affordable. With the help from blockchain technology this platform will secure the identity, authority, and trust. Ownership of the works will be kept to protect the copyright. You are the only person who give permission and the requirements of who are allowed to use your works and who are not allowed. It can be said that Pindify is the combination between a social media and new marketplace system for artists and media along with cryptocoin.

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