RealtyCoin for the Real Profits


Cryptocoin uses a decentralized system that can eliminate losses for users. RealtyCoin or RTC is a crypto that uses the Ethereum smart contract and runs on blockchain technology. This technology is made for investment and voting rights on the RTC platform. If you have an RTC, then you can receive benefits from real estate transactions. The idea of ​​this platform is to make money through the process of direct selling from real estate coming from the company. This system is not the same as another real estate token and the company is focused on the benefits of leasing the asset.

Successful RTC

RTC provides 350 million tokens during the next 45 days. The company does not measure its success by looking at the money already collected on ICO but the way it is to transact on the ICO exchanges. This company has the main goal to create a lot of value and generate token use in the real world. The trading token will be sent to your wallet after ICO is closed. You must remember that the token does not apply to RTC unless you have filled in the information completely. You can do this process in your area. You will be asked to use the Ethereal address into the member area so that the system can be processed correctly.


Tokens and other contemporary currencies are speculative trading methods because they do not have real-world utilities. Bitcoin also does not have the long-term implementation. RTC generates value by trading from existing assets in the real world so this becomes the safest investment and can provide many benefits for you. This investment also has a clear time frame. You will not be swayed aimlessly when you make sure to invest in this company.

How to Create the Wallet

If you do not have a wallet to receive the token, then you do not have to worry because you can use My Ether Wallet. You can go to the site and make arrangements in less than 15 minutes. If you do not do so, then you can use a wallet that already has smart proof of contract from Ethereum. This is enough to receive a token from the RTC.

You must store your tokens offline and you may not allow them to be in a centralized exchange. This is because you do not have a private key so you have to save the backup key in private email. You can also save the key in Google Drive and desktop. You can also use a piece of paper to keep your private key securely. One of the great hardware for storing all types of tokens with the Ethereum contract is the wallet from Trezor and Ledger.

Perhaps this explanation is still confusing to you but the core of this explanation is you do not have to think twice to entrust your money to this platform. You can make the right investment by choosing this company. This platform has a bright future because this currency will continue to be popular. These tokens are contested by many people so you have to make decisions quickly. This is a great time to take advantage of those tokens. You can get a real profit and become a successful investor in this field.



Token Sale


Start date:

December 19,2017

End date:

January 19,2018

Total token emission





1 RTC = 0.00036 ETH

Minimum purchase amount Pre-Sale:

0.5 ETH = 1410 RTC


ICO Sale

ICO start date:

January 19, 2018

ICO end date:

February 28, 2018

Target volume of tokensale:


ICO price:

1 RTC = 0.00036 ETH

Soft Cap:

$500,000 USD

Minimum purchase amount:

no restrictions

Maximum purchase amount:

no restrictions


Daniel Derezunsky: CEO of RealtyCoin

Salman Qadir: Chief Operating Officer in Real Estate CryptoCurrency

Andres Montoya Garcia: BUSINESS ADVISOR

Alejandra Barria Meneses: ACCOUNT MANAGER

Victor Ortiz Ruiz: HUMAN RESOURCES

Cristobal Montesi Adriasola: MARKETING COORDINATOR



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