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Using robot to help human’s works is not such a new issue. Even for some decades ago, it is basically a dream that must be realized in the future. With the rapid technology of internet and computer currently, the robotic stuff is not something weird. Okay, it is probably not already in the same level of what you see in sci-fi futuristic movies but it is just almost similar. One of the companies that put so many efforts to develop this technology is KeplerTek. With the central office located in Georgia, it is considered as the most strategic place for enhancing this product. It is because of the location which is between Europe and Asia, makes the transportation route easier, exactly on the Silk Road.

Uniquely, although you may feel the classic vibe here, the management applied by KeplerTek is definitely not old. It is even using the Cryptocurrency system; the application of virtual currency through Blockchain. So, what will you find once you are being the investor here? Check them out.

More Necessary in The Future

Robotic technology will be definitely needed in the future. Even currently, many companies and business have been used this technology to ease their works. Although you may not realize it, robots are already around you in other forms like your PC or Smartphone. Sure, like 10 years later, the robots are getting crazier. It is expected that they are able to do the jobs just like normal human. There are indeed still many regulations managed for this matter. Undeniably, robotic technology may give some bad effects as well like the lessening of human resource. But by remembering that there are some jobs that cannot be done by human manually, this technology will always be developed. In other words, investing your budgets here are really profitable. Maybe, the profit is not felt so much now. But later, it is indeed a big fish.

Blockchain System

What makes this company looks more interesting is due to the implementation of Blockchain system. For many reasons, this financial management is undeniably mind-blowing. It breaks the traditional concept where for every transaction; there must be the third party involved. Somehow, it is reasonable but risky as well as there is a possibility that the third party will not do that fairly. Blockchain, on the other hand, adapts peer-to-peer system in which there are only two parties involved. The data are recorded in computers spreading in the network enabling all people to access it. Meanwhile, the use of virtual currency like Bitcoin and Cryptocoin is also considered simpler and more practical.

High Level of Security

Investment is an interesting thing to do. However, people often feel doubtful particularly when there is no safety guarantee from the company. Of course, this thing should not be thought if you join Keplertek. Keplertek enables you to use many features that make the data as well as money kept there really safe and secured. The features are still related to the Blockchain technology including the tokens, decentralized crow funding, and more. to join it, make sure to find more information from





Giorgi Topuria – CEO

Givi Dolidze – CFO

Assylbek Momynov – Director – Kepler City

Levan Gabisonia – Technical Director

Tika Nadareishvili – Head Of PR

Archil Nasrashvili – CPO

Lasha Gabidzashvili – Financial Analyst

Giorgi Kepashvili – North American Representative

Khatuna Gvetadze – CEO PA

Mari Shubalidze – Community Manager

Allan Dacunos – Community Manager

Shajid Mahmood – Community Manager

George Chantladze – Head Of Internal Audit

Vano Tvauri – Lead Developer

Toko Xucishvili – Web Developer

Saba Tkeshelashvili – Software Engineer

Behzad Anousha – Blockchain Expert

Shohel Alam – Data Analyst


Mohammad Bozorgi – ICO Advisor

Kirill Kazakov – ICO Advisor

Simon Choi – ICO Advisor

Jason Hung – ICO Advisor

Reuben Godfrey – ICO Advisor

Rumen Slavchov – Marketing Advisor


Ilia Chigogidze – R&D Team Manager

Erekle Lezhava – R&D Team Manager

Mikael Gagoshidze – R&D Team Manager

Davit Kordzaia – R&D Team Manager

Aleksandre Kalandadze – R&D Team Manager


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