ROSCA – A Platform for You with Financial Problems


If you are looking for a platform to meet new people for borrow and save purpose especially using cryptocoin, you should check out ROSCA platform.


ROSC is a platform that using a method which a group of individuals who can meet each other for purpose of borrow and save in a defined period. It is a form of combination between peer-to-peer banking and lending.

There are more than 16% adults or around 1 billion people who live in developing countries in the world using ROSCA to borrow/save and support one another inside their community. Since there are also many people from the world’s population who don’t have bank account, sometimes they need financial loan too but they don’t know how to do it. They might think that the system in a bank is contradicted with their purpose especially when a bank tends to serve rich people only instead of poor people. It will be hard for someone who doesn’t have bank account, bad credit score, and fair pay job to get financial support including loan from financial institution. Someone like that is the one who needs help the most. But now, the existences of ROSCA platform can surely help more people who need loan but don’t want to get involve with bank.

The global size of the market of ROSCA per year is estimated more than 500 Bitcoin USD. Besides that, the lending market of P2P is growing fast and has 70 Bitcoin USD on a market size per year.


Now, let’s talk about token in ROSCA.

  1. 15% of the funding will be for overheads and expenses of office such as fitting, furniture, utilities, and office rental.
  2. 45% of the funding which is obtained from RCA tokens will be for office team allowance and salary as they believe that their team members are their main asses in the organization of ROSCA coin.
  3. 10% of the funding will be for funding the market activities. The expenses are including digital marketing and business development.
  4. 10% of the funding will be for other projects like implementation for ROSCA coin kiosk, merchant, and infrastructure building in a remote area.
  5. 5% of the funding will form the reserve of contingency.


RCA or ROSCAcoin is cryptocurrency that is supported by an autonomous, decentralized, self-regulating, blockchain which is powered by ROSCA ecosystem platform. ROSCA itself is an acronym of Rotating and Saving Credit Association. With the technology of blockchain that encompasses features of smart contract, ROSCAcoin is able to build good ecosystem of financial solution that leverages trusties and social capital to collaborate with better options of financial by omitting higher cost of borrowing, better choice in investing, and easier financing as well as risk’s diversification.

The advantage of joining this platform is that you can have effective, free, and transparent solution. The ecosystem of ROSCAcoin will also contain of several financial solution to their users for lending or investment purpose. From now on, you don’t need to worry if you want to borrow, invest, or save without a bank account because ROSCA will provide you with many financial solutions.



Team & Advisors


  • Boon Lee – ACMA CGMA, Co-founder, Product, Strategy
  • Troy Woo – Co-founder, Finance, Operation
  • Franky Tan – Co-founder – Business Development
  • Wilson Chin – Co-founder, Business Development
  • Shu Han Goh – Co-founder, Mobile Lead
  • Muhammad Chairullah (Irul) – Back End Engineer, Indonesia Community
  • Sraawan Kumar – Full Stack Engineer, India Community Lead
  • Justin Goh – Co-founder, CTO


  • Ken Ho – IT Advisor
  • Ronnie – Blockchain and Mining Advisor
  • Wilson Ng – Business Consultant
  • Foong Wei Chieh – Business Consultant

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