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Cryptocurrency investment is not something strange today. As it is seen for something profitable, many people seem interested to join it. Is that true? Fortunately, it is real. More than just about the benefits, this system even gives you many other benefits you cannot find in any other investment. However, it doesn’t mean that Cryptocurrency along with its Blockchain method doesn’t have any risk at all. First of all, you need to make sure that you come to a good a trusted company that adapts this system. One of them is Akaiito, a platform that enables you to use Cryptocurrency and Blockchain system for daily life activities. So, what are the benefits of joining Akaiito?

High Level of Security

Bockchain system and the use of virtual currency like Bitcoin or cryptocoin are indeed considered as more secured and safe compared to the traditional system. Yes, the removal of third party makes this system is also more transparent and accessible. However, it doesn’t mean that there is not risky at all. once you join the wrong company, there is still high chance for being lost. It is because this system needs to be run in very careful ways. In Akaiito, the security is maintained and even guaranteed. It is for the implementation of SSL or Secure Socket Layers. It is a kind of technology that enables the web servers and browsers to be linked each others. The results are great for sure. It is when you find it secure but also transparent at once.

Peer-to-peer System

Peer-to-peer system is basically adapted by any other companies with Blockchain system. In Akaiito, not only is it implemented fully but also there are additional features to make it work more effectively. The decentralized communications let all the parties involved to have the same abilities. Meanwhile, one of the parties is also able to start the communication session directly to ease and fasten the process.

Initiated with Smart Contracts

Smart contracts applied here refer to the agreement dealt between the buyers and sellers. As it has been mentioned above, Blockchain system doesn’t involve the third party as mediator. That’s why, the parties should be able to manage it well. the rules to be followed can be mentioned through the contract anyway. Again, it is basically to let their fund being kept well without any chance for the others to make any fraud. Uniquely, the agreement is presented through codes. Therefore, there is noone can decode the agreement or to avoid it being leaked. Next, it is followed by a decentralized distribution system.


As this system can be done virtually, it means that Akaiito along with the Blockchain can just be accessed anywhere and anytime. Sure, it is available not only in computers but also installed in other gadgets like Smartphone, tablet, and more. Now, to see the development of your investment is no longer difficult. More than that, Akaiito is indeed established to deal with customers’ daily needs and activities. This accessibility is to support this point. Are you interested to join Akaiito? Make sure to visit first.




Sergey Brek – Founder

Vladislav Garbuzenko – Lead Developer

Ksenia Deina – SMM

Katja Krolova – CEO

Zahar Deina – Blockchain expert

Dmitriy Polozkov – SMM

Denis Kanavin – Co-Founder

Serhii Yelchenko – Project Manager

Eduard Shultzik – SMM

Andrei Tšerednik – Lawyer

Bohdan Novikov – Web Developer

Muhammad Netto – Support

Aleksandr Rakutin – Senior Developer

Tamara Bazylko – QA Engineer

Alexandr Karmyzov – System administrator


Francesco Redaelli – Advisor

Deniss Boroditš – Advisor

Thibault Launay – Advisor

Romain Girbal – Advisor


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