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The term e-commerce must not be something strange nowadays. People are even interested in this method so much while shopping. Sure, there is a chance to see and buy products that are somehow out of your reach. As an example is when you cannot find a certain product in the stores near your area, you can just utilize this method to buy the same product even if the store is out there. Interestingly, you can also pay it with virtual currency like Bitcoin.

Well, Family Points is one of the sites that adapt the e-commerce system. However, a little bit different from the others, Family Points is more focused on providing family needs like baby and kids’ stuff, books, furniture, clothes, and others. Of course, the products available tend to be complete in term of types, prices, brands, and so on. So, why should you invest your money here and not the other? Check out these reasons.

Professional and Experienced

This e-commerce site has been established for around 40 years and it is mature enough to satisfy the customers. Yes, it has some professional and experienced teams to improve both products and services. at the first time Family Points was founded, it was surely only a store to provide baby and maternity products. Due to the customers’ satisfaction, it enlarges the scale of products to be sold into family necessities in general. In this modern day where internet is being enjoyed largely by people, Family Points take this advantage to develop the store into e-commerce so that it can be reached by people from any realm, anytime and anywhere.


Family Points highlights the term of smart shopping for all customers particularly parents. There are many features available to make you buy products more effectively based on your needs. More than that, this site is also known as the biggest library parenting in the world for the availability of numerous educational videos. There are so many parenting theories outside there for sure. Unfortunately, not all they are able to be exactly practiced for the different conditions among families. In Family Points, it is no longer a problem; you can choose one method good for you based on the videos offered. These products are qualified and trusted from credible sources.

Sharing is available

Family Points is not only a place for shopping. If you are new parents, you may need tips, tricks and somehow solutions for all your problems. You must not worry about it since in this site; some experts are hired for sharing and discussion. Before deciding to buy one product, make sure to gain information so that you will not be disappointed later. Besides, you can also ask some questions regarding the products to buy.

Million Followers

There is a way to check whether a site is recommended or not. It is by checking the number of followers and subscribers. Well, Family Points even has millions. It also adapts the system of Cryptocoin that is considered as profitable nowadays. The payment system can also be done through Bitcoin despite the real currency. For more information, visit



ICO Crowsale

Token :


PreICO Price :

1 FPT = 0.10 USD

Price :

1 FPT = 0.10 USD

Bonus :


Platform :


Accepting :


Soft cap :

3,000,000 USD

Hard cap :




Ainar Abdrahmanov – CEO & Founder

Aloysius Kee – Chief E-commerce Officer

Shaoming Yang – Chief Business Development Officer

Mikhail Konoplev – Member, Advisory Board, Head of International Development,

Dmitriy Lezhnev – Chief Technology Officer

Yan Fisher – Head of Production

Ana Rivas – Lead Expert and Chief Methodology Officer

Ivan Solovyev – Country Director, China

James Jeong – Business Development Manager

Jinwei Li – Ecommerce Project Manager

Filipp Panfilov – Product Owner,

Svetlana Kolesnikova – Director, Administration

Sonia Sharma – Country Manager, India


Ken Huang

Youngyuan Li

Leonard Grayver

Kenneth Oh

Artem Tolkachev

Dr. Paul Hampton

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