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The term of investment must not be something strange nowadays. Yes, it is a way to gain profit by spending your current money at first. there are many kinds of investment known in this world. Recently, it seems that there is one more type of investment known as Cryptocurrency investment. What is it actually? Cryptocurrency is basically another name for virtual currency, a kind of currency in the digital world. Recently, the currencies are numerous but when you should mention the most popular one; it is Bitcoin anyway. of course, this investment is considered as profitable and easily accessed as you can just do the exchange from your real currency. More than that, it is also known as a safe way as well for the low risks compared to any other investment. But sure, you must still be very careful particularly in choosing the company to provide the service. If you are puzzled for this matter, Darico is probably the best one to choose. Why? Here are the reasons.

Easy to Use

For the professional ones, it is not a big deal for sure to start this investment thing. However, there are many beginners who step back for too many requirements. Some of the requirements are even not understandable at all. Darico comes to solve this problem. The system applied in this company prioritizes on how to make the investors find it easy to follow all the programs even from the beginning. There will be so many experts hired to help you. It is not exaggerated then to say that Darico is very friendly even for the beginners. Sure, it is compatible for the professional and experienced Cryptocoin investors as well. So, whoever you are, Darico is undeniably a good choice.

Numerous Features

Still in term of making easy for the investors, Darico provides so many supporting features. One of them is the app to be installed on your PC and Smartphone. Now, anytime and anywhere, you can monitor the fluctuation of currency you have invested. There is wallet feature where you can keep the money as well as the service for 24 hours and 7 days. Whatever the currency you use in your country, all of them are accomodated by Darico Cryptocurrency.

Safe and Secure

This is another problem often felt by many Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency investors. They often find that the company they join doesn’t give enough security. Meanwhile, the security is really important at this point. As information for you, Blockchain system itself is actually already considered as the safest system currently. The method is indeed like that in which the data are accessible for all members. So, although it is transparent, people definitely cannot change or hack this system. Particularly in Darico, the security system is already added by some great features like by applying the 2FA multi-coin ERC20 and BTC Wallet. This wallet is suitable for any investors.


Aside from them, there are still many other benefits to find by joining this company. So, are you interested in it? Go to for more information.

Team And Advisors


Mojtaba Asadian – Founder & CEO

Solange Basseterre – Project Manager

Ihor Pidruchny – Blockchain Architect

Andrew Zubko – Blockchain Engineer

Roman Tsivka – Smart Contract Developer

Liwaa Chehayeb – Business Development Manager

Kirsten Morel – Content Manager

Kelly Stafford – Community Manager

Marco Schlauri – Marketing Manager



Luke Szkudlarek – Advisor

Mario Colombo – Advisor

David Drake – Advisor

Simon Cocking – Advisor

Jason Hung – Advisor

Marc X. Ellul – Advisor


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