The Deal Coin – The right platform when looking for the best lending deal

The upcoming generation may use cryptocurrency in Bitcoin completely. Many companies have built decentralized platform for people to lend or borrow money which combines expertise of blockchain with the real experience of world financial. Let’s take a look one of the safest platforms for you to access financial solutions using the Deal Coin.

About the Deal Coin

The Deal Coin is one-of-a-kind business which has target about $13.1 trillion in global marketplace of finance. The aim of this business is to become a solid and true disrupter in the market competing with other platforms. It is the platform option for many people especially investors to look for the best deal as well as connect them with great business opportunities with fairer and faster access to finance no matter where they live. In 2018, there was a company built in Gibraltar to launch the platform of the Deal Coin across the world.

This platform understands all business in the near future which linked throughout their chain’s supply. They will look to trade and adopt in the Deal Coin as well as build ecosystem of financial that is expected to grow well through the adoption of the community together and working better.


With users’ contribution, the Deal coin Token Sale or DLSD is aimed to be a successful pioneer of the next stage of peer to peer platform of lending. In the token sale, they are getting funds using a Token Sale which allows the participants or contributors to join in advanced of an event called as the Deal Coin which is being listed on many kinds of exchanges.

The price of deal coin is $0.10 US for 1 Deal Coin (DLSD) or equivalent ETH or BTC. The accepted payments’ methods are Fiat Currency, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. There will be 1 billion or 1,000,000,000 of the Deal Coins that will be produced. For hard cap, it will be $50 million and $5 million for soft cap. The base of the Deal Coin is the new protocol of Ethereum ERC827; a blockchain which is based on the platform’s distributed computing. All coins’ excess for future growth will be held in treasury.

For your information ERC827 is one of the latest standards and improvements of token to ERC20 on the network of Ethereum. It is completely compatible with ERC20. The contributions’ term are not intended to be services’ financial offering a prospectus or document. Tokens here offer relation and involvement of the use and development of experimental technologies and software that may not come to achieve or fruition the aims that have specifically mentioned in the white paper

Several things that you need to remember are that the tokens also do not represent units, equity, shares, income or profit, rights or royalties to capital in the software or network on any entity that issues tokens or any other intellectual property or company associated with the network.


When you join this platform either as an investor or someone who wants to look for the best investment or deal, there are several advantages features including:

  • Agreement/negotiation of terms
  • Exchange process
  • Application process
  • Smart insurance
  • Identify varication

If you want to read more about other advantages and their timeline, you can download their white paper in the Deal Coin official website.



Team & Advisors


  • Michael Morrison – C.E.O
  • Nassim Taleb – C.I.O
  • Tarlock Singh – C.F.O
  • Rajat Jain – C.T.O
  • Sofiane Taleb – Marketing Manager – Social Media


  • Nick Kurat – Blockchain Advisor
  • Jason Patterson – Senior Associate
  • James Eastwood – Senior Associate
  • Ian Mackrell – Corporate and Structured Finance Banker – ex AMEX Bank
  • Kunalan Sivupuniam – Property Developer & Investment Manager based
  • Tim Kozak – Technology Advisor
  • Paul Manning – Global Finance Investment Manager
  • Darren Magee – NHS Head of Medical Physics and Engineering
  • Mike Kessler – Commercial Advisor
  • David Mowatt – Compliance
  • John Taafe – Development
  • Chris Jones – Sales

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