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Investment is not something strange for sure. It is a way to gain money later by using your current money now as the capital. The methods of investment can be various and recently, we can just enjoy the new investment system using Cryptocoin or virtual money. Of course, you have heard about Bitcoin, haven’t you? And if you have such an opportunity, it is better to join it with one important requirement. It is by choosing the most trusted site or company that may give you great features and high security. One of them is Pitch.

What is Pitch?

Originally, Pitch is recommended for the entrepreneurs and startups. As you know, while doing investing matters, frictions are often happened. It is including the virtual investment done using Bitcoin and more. Despite having tendency to create chaos, the friction is considered disadvantageous for all the parties involved. It is starting from being the victims of scams, the money which is stolen, and the process which is taken longer time. In other words, you may need a tool that can monitor and control the token sales. Of course, it is still fair. Interestingly, Pitch is not only good for the entrepreneurs. For the investors, this startup product is also necessary to have for the main reasons. It is so great if your business can be done well, isn’t it?

What are the benefits of using Pitch?

Despite the things mentioned above, there are still some other benefits you can enjoy with Pitch as the investors. First, Pitch gives you easier process even if you are a beginner in the world of investment. There are many cases where the beginners are very doubtful to start. The reason is somehow silly but understandable. It is because the investment process which is really puzzling and requiring too many things. Young people who are inexperienced with low capital seem not able to involve. In this startup, the process is really simple and easy. There are even assistance and guidance from the experts that may make you feel more confident.

Second, it is all about security. As it has been mentioned above, misunderstanding is something common in the world of Crypto-investment. More than that, there are also irresponsible actions like in the form of fraud and scam. Surely, you must stay away from those things although it is sometimes almost impossible. In Pitch, the security is really guaranteed. While investing your money, you can enjoy many great features including creating your own security system. Now, no matter how much money you invest, you should not worry about it is being stolen.

The ultimate features are also necessary for any other necessities. It is like to exchange the currencies, to exchange the currency with products, and more. Those all can just be used only by tapping some buttons on the startup installed.

Based on that fact, it is clear why Pitch has so many enthusiasts all around the world. It is so great if you are able to be a part of it. So, what are you waiting for, you can go to for further information.

PITCH Tokens

Pitch Investors Live will release ERC-20 tokens named “PITCH”, under the symbol “PITCH”. PITCH will be the primary means of purchasing services from the current and future Pitch Investors Live platforms.


  • Create pitch summaries to attract the attention of token buyers.
  • Pitch investors live and sell tokens to the audience that accumulates as you pitch.
  • Request a review of your project by experts and investors.

Audience Members / Potential token sale customers

  • Buy tokens for startup projects in exchange for PITCH.

Experts / Potential token sale customers

  • Buy tokens for startup projects in exchange for PITCH.





Matthew Lally – Founder & Visionary

Jonathan Foltz – Co-Founder & Visionary

Rich Cavanaugh – Software Engineering Lead

Matthew Smith – Advisor Outreach, Finance, Strategic Positioning, and Public Relations

George Zhao – Senior Software Engineer

Damien Coughlan – Community Architect and Operations

Ben Malol – Social & Reach Architect

Umer Hadeed – Creative Director

Alex Urban – Systems Analyst

Ian Kilday – Project Management

Tony “OD” Morera – Director of Videography & Cinematography

Camilo Montanez – Brand Ambassador

Karl Schuckert – Affiliate Relations Advisor

Dimitris Skiadas – Analytics Expert

Alice Hlidkova – Content Writer, PR & Outreach

Ben Marcoux – Funnel & Copywriting Expert

Steven Talcott Smith – Technology Advisor and Senior Software Engineer

Brandon Young – Strategic Advisor & Celebrity Outreach


Justin Wu – Growth Advisor

Adam Kemper – Legal Advisor

Imran Rahman – Communications Advisor

Jeff Fagin – Finance and Team Building Advisor

Justin Rohrbach – Advisor.

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