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In this modern day, energy resources are needed by human not only for surviving. It is important also to support their life so that their work can just be done more easily. Maybe, the easiest example of energy utilization is the electricity. Unfortunately, not all people in this world have enjoyed this energy utilization. Many of them in faraway country are still not touched by technology and even electricity. Of course, it becomes homework for all us, the luckier ones, to help and support their life in term of energy utilization. Well, KWHCoin comes to solve this problem. by adapting the Blockchain system, this company offers the change and development regarding the energy utilization and management.

The Types of Energy Covered by KWHCoin

Of course, electricity is not the only type of energy managed by this company. In fact, there are indeed many other kinds of energy sources that are still not utilized optimally. Let’s say hydroelectric, wind, and solar energy. Yes, when they are managed well, those energy types are able to power many cities at once. More than that, they are also still considered as cheap and easy to find. A good example is the solar energy which is undeniably immortal. Unfortunately, it is only about the converting tool which is still quite expensive so that not all the realms of society can just have it. this is also another issue tried to solve by KWHCoins; how to provide the supporting tools so that those energy types can just be used widely by people.

The Cryptocoin System

It is so interesting since the way KWHCoin to manage its business is also by using the Blockchain system. This system is actually quite popular recently. But if you still don’t have any idea what it is, Blockchain system is a system of funding which is decentralized. It doesn’t manage by a certain party as well as there is no third party involved in every transaction. In other words, it is peer-to-peer where the sellers directly face the buyers. The data are kept in many computers in one network and they enable anyone to access it. Therefore, not only is it safe but also transparent.

The implementation of Blockchain system in KWHCoin is considered giving many benefits for the company itself, the investors, and other people involved. First of all, it tends to be more affordable. Since there is no third party, it means that the other two parties don’t need to spend more budgets for the third party’s commission. In the banking system, it is often known as the interest. Secondly, the process is fast and easy. If you are interested to join this program, you don’t need to spend so much time. Meanwhile, there is also an app to be installed to ease your works more. Third, the uses of virtual currency like Bitcoin and Cryptocoin tends to make all the transactions simpler as well. Lastly, it is clear that by joining this company, you have helped many other people to enjoy the energy. For more information, visit

KWHCoin Roadmap



  • Girard Newkirk – CEO, Founder
  • Ryan Troyer – Chief Operating Officer, Blockchain Advisor
  • A&R Infotech Inc. – Development Partner
  • Tony Tiyou – Advisor, Renewable Energy Expert
  • Angela Betancourt – Chief Marketing Officer
  • Gareth Dauley – Advisor, Network Partner
  • Eric Rynne – Development and Design
  • Brian Colwell – Advisor, Digital Marketing

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