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Home repair is something common in our life. Yes, after some years of its establishment, there must be problems like the leaked roof, cracked wall, damage on the plumbing installation, or you may just want to renovate it. For the best results, of course, you need to hire the professional ones. Unfortunately, it is sometimes not easy to find the best service for repairing for many reasons. Despite the cost that is commonly very high, other problems like review fraud are also often haunting. But now, you must not worry since there is now Bob’s Repair. This repair does not only give you more opportunities to find the best services but you can also invest your find here. How can it be? Here is the explanation.

Adapting Blockchain System

The way this company works is by adapting the Blockchain system. Well, you must have heard about this. But for you who are not, Blockchain is a pair-to-peer system that doesn’t involve the third party for each transaction. It is in contrast with banking system in which the third party; the bank must be involved in every of your transaction like transferring or shopping. To make sure that the transaction is done fairly, the data are recorded in all computers in the network. Therefore, it becomes transparent but also safe since anyone can just access and control it. Interestingly, your privacy can still be kept well for the availability of privacy and anonymity.

This system, although it is really new, is proven to be advantageous. At least, it can lessen the possibility of fraud, scam, and even errors caused by all parties involved. As its method is also used by Bob’s repair, you should not worry about using this service as anything is guaranteed to be safe and secured. Meanwhile, all the reviews are connected to the financial transactions. Therefore, the customers should not worry about finding the fraud and false reviews. Of course, if you also invest your money here, it tends to be more advantageous anyway.

Available Nation-Wide

Bob’s Repair is not a new name in the world of construction and repair. Being established for decades, it is mature enough to give the customers what they deserve. The services are ultimate as well as there are numerous great features to be utilized. Interestingly, you can just access this service anywhere and anytime. In fact, this repair has numerous branches spreading nation-wide. Meanwhile, it also has more than 50,000 satisfied customers who download and install Bob’s Repair application.

Hiring the Professionals

The tight competition between one company to another makes Bob’s Repair always tries to improve its services and performance. One of them is by hiring professional and experienced workers. The workers are not only them related to the home repairs but also the Blockchain experts who deal with currency and cryptocoin. There are contracts with some great contractors to enhance the quality of this repair service. So, are you interested to use the service as well as join Bob’s Repair? To gain more information, you can firstly go to

Meet our team

  • Frideric Prandecki – Co-Founder
  • Alexandre Prandecki – Co-Founder

  • Brandon Kite – CTO

  • Todd Conley – Co-Founder, CIO

  • Evgeniy Tatarchuk – Senior Developer

  • Pavel Rubin – Blockchain & Software Developer

  • Alain Schoovers – Senior Front-End Developer

  • Dr. Christina Czeschik – Market Growth Analyst and Strategy Consultant

  • Roland Ericsson – CORPORATE LAWYER

  • Anna Tiurina – Social Media & Communication Manager

Trusted Advisors

  • Andrew Filipowski – Executive Chairman and CEO of SilkRoad Equity
  • Steven Sprague – CEO,
  • Anders Larsson – Crypto Investor. Blockchain Advisor. Founder allcoinWiki. Telecom CTO
  • Mark Friedler – Advisor, coach. Blockchain, crypto, SaaS, media/games, former startup CEO
  • Tomasz Jackowski – Ex-Director of Société Générale Bank
  • Vitaly Pecharsky – Head of IT Operations,
  • Greg Buchan – Systems Engineer, IT Security Solutions
  • Virtual Growth – Crypto Philosophical Entrepreneur
  • Monty Lapica – Founder, Coloma Ventures & Thought Division
  • Early Boykins III – Crypto & ICO Advisor
  • Marek Lucek – Senior Forex Analyst

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