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The term of Cryptocoin or virtual currency must be something familiar recently. Yes, it is system of payment and even investment with a certain currency that can only be used online. One of the examples is Bitcoin. Sure, there are still many other types of Cryptocurrency published although not all of them are famous enough. Just like any other investment, this one is also promising for sure. More than that, with the rapid development of internet technology, this system is forecasted to survive in the future. The enthusiasts will be more and more certainly. Well, it is so good then to join this starting from now. All you need to do is choosing a place where you can invest your fund safely and more profitably. Kora Network can be a good choice for this. Here are the reasons.

Experts Anywhere

Kora Network is developed by the financial experts particularly them who are interested to adapt the Blockchain system. The experts are experienced for years in developing this financial site using Cryptocoins including Bitcoin. Meanwhile, there are very professional also so that you should not worry to invest your money here. The experts here do not only exist to monitor or control the system but also give you guidance and assistance related to what you need to do. Particularly if you are still beginners, such things must be important for you. It is not something exaggerated then to say that Kora Network is a friendly place to begin your Bitcoin investment. For the professional ones, it is still a great field to plant anyway.

Simple and Secure

People are interested to invest their fund in the form of virtual money; it is a fact that is undeniable. Unfortunately, they are not brave enough to start it all. One of the reasons is about the system which is quite difficult to follow. There are too many requirements and other things so that many young and inexperienced investors move one step back. Of course, this will not be experienced if you join Kora Network. The process is simple and easy to follow. Indeed, you still need to learn more about it but it is not as difficult as you thing. Aside from that, Kora Network also offers storage sytem which is safe and secured. The users can even create their own protection to avoid the funds are being stolen.


Many Features

In general, this Cryptocurrency investment company is focused on letting people to invest. To ease the process, there are many features available like the application of Tendermint DpoS for the consensus algorithm and special Kora Network Token (KNT) to improve the security system. Certainly, there are still many other features available that you may not find in other places. Kora Network can be accessed wherever and whenever you are. There are venues for being utilized by the users when they want to exchange the money into products, services, and others. So, what are you waiting for? For more information about this Cryptocoin investment, just visit



Token Detail




1 KNT = 0.10 USD







Minimum investment

5000 USD

Hard cap



Hong Kong


KYC & Whitelist

Restricted areas

USA, China, Korea



Dickson Nsofor – CEO & Co-Founder

Maomao Hu – COO & Co-Founder

Eugene Fine – CTO

Zahen Khan – Head of Marketing

Oleh Ostroverkh – Project Manager

Lauren Harrington – Blockchain Researcher

Bryan Uyanwune – Business Development Lead

Roman Katsala – Lead Developer

Victoria Mygalko – Product Lead

Vladimir Mitso – Blockchain Developer


Faisal Khan – Leading Banking & Payments Consultant

John Edge – Chairman, ID2020

Nako Mbelle – CEO, Fintech Recruiters

AA Atayero – Wireless Network Researcher, Covenant University

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