YourBlock Review : A New Service for Managing Your Data


There is a new ico based on blockchain. This platform has mission and great product. It is giving the comfortable service to customers. Blockchain presents everything that you will need. It is important to know the role of internet value. Surely, internet is the most useful thing for this platform easing a data transaction for customers and business. The purpose is accomplished by yourblock looking forward in the right digital track. In a period of token sales, yourblock team gives broad chances for customers. It is very promising in which you have chances of crypto investment products.

What Makes YourBlock Different?

YourBlock is a platform offering some benefits for customers and service providers. There are some things making it different.

Customer Benefits

It gives amazing benefits for customers to see. The first one is about financial savings. It is able to share commission and fees from YourBlock. Secondly, it has higher data privacy to control providers access. It offers a greater transparency for policy and services. Lastly, it makes you get better and greater chances for getting a good deal with the available service provider related to services and products.

Service Provider Benefits

In addition to get beneficial for customers, YourBlock is a good platform of blockchain. It brings some benefits for service providers. It has improved customer data quality in which the data keeps updating. It is also cost savings and customer experience improvement enabling to modify, cancel, and claim. It is able to reduce insurance fraud automatically.

Solution from YourBlock for Managing Data

YourBlock is a great platform for bitcoin and any data. It is actually aimed at giving effective, secured, and safe services to customers. It involves a platform where they can fulfill all personal data without getting worried on security. With this way, your data stay safe and never leave blockchain. In addition, it ensures that conducted transaction in this digital cabinet is working. It is removing the involvement of third party in its process. If the third party requires an access of customer’s data, they need to get permission from customer data cabinet. It means that it is very safe to keep customer data privacy.

Features of YourBlock

There are some features that you should know about YourBlock. What are the features?


The users or customers don’t get worried about losing data or inefficiency. The privacy is a guaranteed sector from blockchain. You can trust it for a business or data storage of cryptocoin, blockchain, and bitcoin.


YKB token is basically used to set up discount and services. There are some same achievements to use this platform.

Business Friendliness

The service of YourBlock offers a secured platform to do price structure and involvement related to business in a project.

Smart Contract

Blockchain handles a smart contract happened to customers and some service providers. It runs smoothly through smart contract.


An interesting concept of YourBlock uses YKB token. There are some sides of this story. YKB token is given to customers as a commission in two stages. The used platform is Dave and You. When customers install the data, they will get gift of YKB token. This can be used to gain currency, cryptocoin, and bitcoin in using this platform.

Team & Advisors

Member Team

Daniel Antcliff – CEO and Founder

David Antcliff – CFO

Ben Antcliff – CMO

Peter Young – Legal Counsel

Rob Mazik – COM

Mat Brazier – Senior Data Analyst

Matthew Waters – CISO

Simon Hewlett – CTO

Jamie Greenwood – CIO

Richard Stringer – Business Development Manager

Richard Earl – Marketing Strategist

Dan Goldberg – Senior Product Manager


George Higginson – Insurance and Compliance Expert

Andy Hague – Cyber Security & Storage Expert

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