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Regardless of the industry areas and countries, the emergence of Bitcoin and Blockchain technology has largely undermined centralized platforms. But perhaps, among the number of available sectors that call for a much needed innovation, nothing needs it more than the financial sector. It’s not only about the outdated technology used, but also about efficiency, security and transparency.

As many other existing industries, outdated technology and softwares may affect the efficiency of their business operations. However, they are not the only limiting factors that contributes to the success of your small businesses. Strict regulations and law by far become two of the dangeours threats that many businesses have to face.

Understanding what it all of the challenges and setbacks that affect their capabilities to optimize their business operation. While at the same time also believing that, when done right, the emergence of blockchain along with cryptocurrencies may end up with favorable outcome. For that very reason, ZPER is eager to show its commitment to take part in the revolutionary development efforts.

What is ZPER and its mission?

ZPER is the first decentralized platform to focus on loan and investment. Based on blockchain technology, the company aims to combine asset value and the industrial values typically found in P2P finance. This combination is believed to be able to create an innovative and one-of-a-kind ecosystem on the basis of peer-to-peer model.

By establishing this incredibly unique peer-to-peer financial ecosystem, ZPER is confident that the ecosystem will be able to transcend currency and country. Therefore, innovation in the front that involves global flow of funds may take place smoothly. In this particular ecosystem, there are few different categories of role you may choose when deciding to get involved.

Yes, in its unique ecosystem, ZPER creates different participant role to help providing finance envionment for both investors and borrowers. The ecosystem is not only about the flow of its currency, but also about developing reasonable finance environment. This can be seen from the fact that every participants in its platform are also recognized by the councils of ZPER designated of each country.

Understanding difficulties solved by ZPER solution

Not only country-specific ZPER councils, Robo Advisors, data providers, and NPL purchasers are also given the ability to share their own values on trust basis and in turn, they will receive fair compensation. Those in ZPER unique environment that needs loan will find there are quite a lot of options with lower interest rate. While at the same time, investors are given the opportunity to generate higher return rates.

With that being said, it’s clear that P2P finance model is highly regarded as the most ideal system. However, in traditional sense of the system it still faces a few challenges that is only able to be solved on ZPER’s blockchain-based environment. Some of these challenges are as follows:

  • Difficulties in selecting reputable P2P-based finance companies
  • Difficulties in allocating portfolios which are not only safe, but also efficient
  • Difficulties in liquidating products for investment purposes
  • Difficulties in data utilization for innovative credit evaluation purposes

Thankfully ZPER has managed to develop table environment to optimize problem solving capabilities and maximize global capital distribution efforts. To learn more about the platform and its cryptocoin sales, please visit https://zper.io/.

Team & Advisors


  • JB Kim – Co-founder, CEO
  • Jake Lee – Co-founder, CEO
  • Sean Park – Co-founder, CSO
  • George Hahn – Co-founder, CGO
  • SJ Min – CBDO
  • Leo Moon – Senior Software Engineer
  • SH Baek – Full-Stack Engineer
  • SH Lee – Server Engineer
  • SK Im – Full-Stack Engineer
  • JY Min – Financial Affairs
  • KS Shin – Operation Strategy
  • DY Shin – Operation Management
  • JH Shin – UI/UX Designer
  • DY Shin – Marketing
  • JH Kim – Community Manager
  • Melissa Lee – Marketing Manager
  • Christine Yoon – Marketing Manager


  • Sean Shin
  • Sudhi Herle
  • Suyong Park
  • Hoon Lee
  • Joe Kim
  • James Pack
  • K Wang
  • Jake Kim
  • Natalia Lee
  • SH Lee
  • David Yang

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